What’s next???


Ain't that nice? It's a fractal I found on the web.

Brrrr! This has been the hardest year of my life and I was saying to the doctor last week, “Holy smoke, what else can go wrong. What’s next?”

Well, how about another kidney stone? On the left this time. No blood, just a strong ache and some very sharp pain for nearly three hours this morning that had me getting the bag out ready to go to hospital. But it’s faded away now (3pm), so I’m left to wonder, has it gone through, or is it still to come? It’s a fearsome thought.


This suburb name was chosen by the City of Wanneroo in 1979. The name honours John Butler who is the first recorded explorer of the area (1834). Butler settled in the Claremont area, and Butler’s Swamp, now renamed Lake Claremont, was named after him.

I wondered where it came from.


Coool tiles. My whole living area and passages are large smooth off-white tiles and in this weather, it’s great, nice and cool to walk on.


I still haven’t used the dishwasher since I’ve been here, but today I opened it up and had a good look for the first time. I found a knife belonging to the previous owners. She works one day a week at the pharmacy¬† across the road (yes, she’s a graduate pharmacist), so I’ll give it to her on Sunday.

Funny, I always wanted a dishwasher, but now that I’ve got one, I don’t use it. Duh.