Gotta do it, gotta gotta do it.

I went to see this car yesterday and it’s even better in the “flesh” than in the pictures. The web photos don’t do it justice. You can see the deep red colour here –

I thought I wouldn’t like the colour, but I do! The only thing I don’t like is the wheels and skinny tyres, but the guy has the originals and will put them back and reduce the price substantially. I don’t especially like the Mazda wheels either, but I’d rather buy some second hand BMW or Mercedes wheels. They do come up on Facebook.

It’s immaculate in presentation, obviously well looked after in its 25 year life. It looks near new inside, clean as a dog’s bowl.

I took it for a short test drive (the owner trusted me to go solo) and it felt great. It is a fuel injected V6 after all. I could wish that the auto transmission allowed Tiptronic or semi-manual operation, but you can’t have everything. This is the Ford Probe that I always wanted, just in Mazda form.

I must admit my size doesn’t help with entry and exit, but too bad. I love it. Watch this space.

By the way, the Melbourne guy returned my money as promised so no problem there. He was a very reasonable guy. Neither of us incurred any costs except that he renewed the Victorian licence for three months, but he would have had to do that anyway.


I’m being driven mad by my mouse. It has become hesitant, sometimes not responding at all. It’s a cordless infra-red and of course, I’ve cleaned the LED and sensor and the desktop, but with little improvement. I have other mice, I’ll have to try them. The thing is, I’m doing so much writing on this PC, both for my photos on Facebook and for my contribution to a book project on our experiences at TVW7.

We are supposed to limit our contribution to 2,000 words and four photos. Whaaat?! I can’t condense 33 years down to that. I’ve written 3,085 words so far and I’ve only reached year 4, 1970, of my tenure. I’ve said I may have to publish separately as an Engineering supplement, or a book of my own.

I find the words just pour onto the “paper”. I remember so much, so many names, so many visual memories. Better get them down now before something intervenes to stop me.


I’m in the Lost Bali Group on F/B and wow, what a hit. My photos stand out for quality and the stories I tell about them. People seem to like them.

I’ve started a web site which displays my images with a watermark copyright notice and puts a price on them. You can look freely, but the price allows you to download a clean, full sized copy. The company, Picfair, even offers a printing service (which they call giclee, meaning inkjet) or even framed or canvas prints. This is not under my control and I don’t know their prices yet.



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