What a day, what a laugh

(C) PJ Croft 1992, 2020

The laugh first:

Zensonic massive 900w with 2 teach 120w speakers. Got it from the shead and tested but some who some light got off and I cannot put it in the proper line to get sound. You may be lucky and get sound This only for someone that know who to fix or need for parts. The speakers they very loud and they working with my other amp.

Get that? A nine hundred watt amplifier! Price? $15. Yes, step right up ladeez and gennelmen, the price includes two 120W speakers as well! Do you know who to fix?

This is Facebook Marketplace and is another example of these illiterate yokels flogging rubbish.


What a ridiculous day. I decided it’s time to buy a new CPAP machine to replace my 12 year old S8. A company called Perth CPAP in Joondalup are pushing good deals, $1599 for virtually any machine, any brand, and it includes a mask and tube too.

So I phoned to check stock and tootled off at about 1pm, found a parking spot right outside the door, used PayWave for the first time on a parking meter, and ventured inside. Just as well, because it was bloody hot today, 34deg. and I was feeling it.

After a long, largely unnecessary instruction from the guy, it was all boxed up and I went to pay. Visa card attempt 1, declined. I’d just cleared the balance owing this morning, so I was a bit annoyed. Attempt 2, declined. OK, try another bank’s Visa card. Also declined. What??!! Tried my EFTPOS card, also declined. What??? This was embarrassing.

OK, what if I go and get a bank cheque? No, doesn’t want that, he’d have to go to the bank. OK, what about cash? No, same thing, have to go to the bank. So what do I do? The guy behind the counter had no answer.

I decided I’d have to go to the P&NBank branch at Joondalup. They checked everything and couldn’t see any problem. After a long talk I went to an ANZ ATM and tested my Visa card. No problem, it accepted my PIN for a balance enquiry.

So after a bite to eat, I drove back to the CPAP shop, confident that I knew the PIN and that my Visa card was working. CLANG! Declined again. I fiddled around with another card but still no luck. I asked if he could invoice me and I’d pay on-line. No, can’t do that.

So I left and walked across the street to an ANZ branch and tried their ATM and again, it accepted my card and PIN and told me my balance. What??!!

So I went back to the P&NBank in the Joondalup shops and told them about it. They didn’t know the answer, but said do you want cash, then? OK, I said, so I took a wad of notes and headed out the door. Then I remembered, not only does Perth CPAP not accept bank cheques, they also close at 4pm, which time it almost was. Damn, damn, damn. What a stupid business.

I decided to buy some groceries and while doing it, heard loud rumblings. Hmmm, noisy stockroom they have, I thought, but it went on and on and soon the rain was actually coming through the roof into Woolies. I waited a while and had to walk to the car in the steady rain, but too bad. That was a big, violent thunderstorm that moved fast down the coast and ripped up trees. The mud and debris on the road home showed how much water had flowed in my area.

OK, I got home and thought I’d try buying on-line. This time I chose PayPal as the method. I use PayPal all the time and never have any trouble. But this time, again, my P&N Visa card was declined! What???!!!

I tried again using my actual Visa card numbers. Declined again.

That’s where it rests. For some reason, my Visa card won’t work. It did a few days ago. I don’t feel like driving over to Joondalup again to pay cash for the machine, given how lazy he was. I’ll have to get the card fixed, then order on-line again. No rush. Bloody ‘ell!