If you’re looking to see my Bali 1980s images:

I’m adding images almost daily but it’s a slow process. I can only add about 25 at a time, then each one has to have a short title, a longer concise description, then keywords, at least six added. The keywording takes ages. They are single words that would come up whenever a client is searching for an image to use. It is incredibly tedious work, although I’ve found a keyword generating site that returns up to 25 words. But many of the words are not appropriate and have to be modified or deleted, and other words added.

Then the large images are uploaded, which can take an hour or more.

The prices are as suggested by the Picfair company. I can control these prices and I’ve reduced the price they initially suggested. Whether anyone’s prepared to pay the price for an image, time will tell. Nothing so far.


More on the MX-6:

  • It’s got no exhaust note to speak of, not that I’ve noticed anyway, although being hot weather I’m driving with the windows up and air on.
  • The auto shift is labelled L-S-D-N-R-P. It’s a four speed and I hoped the S position might mean Sport. It kinda does, it just uses the lower three speeds only, neglecting fourth. But you have to push a button on the stick to pull it back to S. That’s not exactly sporty.
  • The cruise control has to be switched on first with a button on the dash behind the steering wheel, then you press the Set button on the wheel itself. Why two actions? There’s a green indicator in the dash to show it’s on, but in daylight it’s barely visible.
  • There’s no central locking. It’s key-in-the-door only.
  • The key slot in the steering column is infuriating! You can’t see it, being behind the steering wheel, and I can never find the slot. Even when I use my finger to feel for it, the damn key still doesn’t want to go in.
  • There was a user manual with the car but no log book, so I have no idea if it’s been serviced recently. Considering how well the car seems to have been looked after, I’m not too worried.

So a bit of the shine is wearing off and I’m finding the annoyances. I still choose to drive it over all the others, though. No regrets.


I mentioned using Phenergan to assist with ear clearing, as well as a sedative, but it’s noticeable how quickly I’ve become used to it. I really noticed that watching TV and working on the laptop at the table last night, I felt myself becoming more alert and awake as 11pm approached

I took the Phenergan then and I got to sleep for about 90 mins last night, then woke and couldn’t get back to sleep. I got up at 3am and worked on the computer until 5.30am, slept until 9am and I feel awful now. Waiting on the Silver Chain lady to come, usually around midday, then I can go back to bed for a while.

Pains in my feet! Yow, yow, yow. Someone suggested ibuprofen and paracetemol. A type II diabetic can’t take ibuprofen – it causes liver damage. It does a bit in normal healthy people too, but they can tolerate it. Not diabetics. So I read.

I’ve never found paracetemol to be very effective. According to the chemist, it works for some, not for others. Maybe I’ll take some Panadol Osteo now to see if anything’s changed.

I can’t take Tramadol due to insomnia. I can’t take aspirin as I’m already on another blood thinner. There’s not much else.

However, I’ve received my first 100ml bottle of a “special oil” – maybe I’ll call it Central Business District oil, from the Wish website. Maybe that might help. I doubt it, but it cost about $5 so not much is lost if it doesn’t work.


Oh come on cleaner, I don’t feel good.