Bunker bulldust day 78

Screenshot_2020-05-28 2003 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class CL500 Auto MY04-1

He who hesitates… I said this car was a good buy and someone else thought that too, because it’s been sold. Damn. That was a very fast sale because these cars are slow sellers. I’ve seen one stay on sale for two years and as far as I know it still hasn’t sold. There must be some problem with it. Oh well, it would have been a stretch too far for me, I think.


Phew, if this is winter, let it continue. A beautiful warm 25deg day and the next week is forecast as an almost unbroken string of 22-23deg days and sunshine. I’m sure winter will arrive, but it’s not here yet.



I’ve been saved from another, perhaps silly, purchase today. Aldi advertised an 8″ throat bandsaw for $129. This is a relatively small machine but ideal for model work. I wanted it, but knew I don’t really need it. Consequently I delayed going to Aldi today until about 3pm and by then their stock had been sold. Oh well, again it wasn’t to be and I’ve been saved.


The gullible British public voted to leave the EU four years ago, then a few months ago they voted for that liar and con man Boris Johnson (actually only 43.5% voted for the Tories, 56% didn’t want the Conservatives. Yet such is the stupidity of first past the post voting).

Well, you stupid Poms, you bear the cost of more than 52,000 COVID-19 deaths to date. If you voted Tory, you are responsible for this grossly excessive death toll. The UK is one of the worst affected countries in the world, and why? There’s no special reason. How is it that Germany, with a far greater population and borders with several countries has a far lower death toll?

The reason is very poor leadership by Boris and his Tory henchmen. Poor decision making, mistakes, failure to test and trace, and they aren’t even counting all the deaths in their aged care homes!

If you voted Tory in the UK, you carry a share of the blame for this horrific death toll in Britain. Fools.