Bunker Bulldust day 99


The 50mm normal view. Can you see the drain on the other side?


Zoomed in, 2000mm hand held. Nikon P950.


2000mm hand held.


2000mm hand held. Nikon P950

Another beautifully warm winter day, 20deg. This is very easy to take. I’ve only been wearing a T-shirt all day.


Bloods taken for the three monthly check this morning, which required fasting, so I had a very nice brunch at the shops afterwards. The cafe is roped off to make us stay apart so it was a bit crowded, but it was OK. That doesn’t make sense, but you know what I mean.


I had a very nice comment left on the blog yesterday that’s still giving me a warm feeling:

I happened to randomly stumble across your blog when I was looking at purchasing a Mazda MX-6 and saw that you had written about the exact same one I was looking at! I’m actually looking at purchasing a car very soon and I never expected that it would result in me finding your blog.

I never comment on blog posts, or even read blog posts, but yours is so real… It’s quite inspiring and I’d love to be able to build one like this I could look back on later on in my life.

Just wanted to let you know that your blog has been a bit of joy in my day.

Crumbs, you don’t get that every day. I am very pleased.


What an amazing kerfuffle about the sexual harassment by the former High Court judge. It’s still developing; another prominent Perth woman lawyer has revealed today that she’s been sexually harassed many times in her 30 year career (so far), but she mentioned two particular judges of the WA courts (who are now retired) who made deliberate physical assaults on her on occasions, and one even found out where she lived and went to her house on more than one occasion such that she considers he was stalking her. He was a senior judge! She can’t name them but she was completely believable and serious. How far does this go? It seems there are more revelations to come in the eastern states case. It’s astounding.


I heard on the radio this afternoon that if you go for a driving test, the car must have a handbrake in the centre console between the front seats. This is because the inspector must be able to pull the handbrake on in an emergency situation.

I didn’t know this. It’s interesting to me because the Honda MDX has an American style foot operated parking brake. It must be legal because it’s an Australian spec model, but there’s no handbrake between the seats. I bloody well wish there was, because I hate the foot brake. I keep reaching for the handbrake, forgetting the footbrake. Guess I’d better not go for a driving test.


As a result of Liberal government pressure on the ABC, in the form of freezing of funding regardless of inflation, the ABC has now announced further cuts. The 7.45am full 15 minute radio news bulletin, the last full bulletin left, is now gone, replaced by a 5 minute bulletin. This cuts into the 30 minute AM news program, reducing it to 25 minutes.

This is on top of the cuts of AM and PM a couple of years ago from 60 minutes to 30 mins. and the loss of the Lateline 30 min TV news digest program last year.

This filthy Liberal government are engaging in deliberate suppression of news and information. Have you noticed that Mid West TV, the community supported TV station is gone? This was a decision by Malcolm Turnbull a few years ago when he was Communications minister. It was delayed for some time, but Mid West TV went off air last year. Turnbull’s ruling was that the government needed the spectrum space and the community TV could just go onto the internet. Has it? Who knows? But I doubt they have many viewers now.

This Liberal government is deliberately suppressing information. They have become intolerant of news and comment. They are pursuing journalists they don’t like, they refuse to answer questions, they show their dislike of probing questions, they pursue whistle blowers with sheer vengeance.

This government is instituting a totalitarian state by stealth. They MUST be resisted! I will be writing a lot more on this.