Bunker bulldust, day 140

Dad Mum Colin 028

Dad, Colin digging, Mum, Beverley, c1966

Hmm, only a 4 Byoot day today, no rain and a fair bit of blue sky, but cloudy and cold now at 6pm. Must try harder, Mr Weatherman. Oh, only 23 days to Spring, too. Good-oh.


You saw the amazing photo restorations I did on the MyHeritage website last week:

Early Croft photo

Screenshot_2020-07-26 Early Croft photo(1)

Screenshot_2020-07-26 Dad Ian Pete Max c1958

Screenshot_2020-07-26 Dad Ian Pete Max c1958(1)

Amazing results, but after I’d done 10 they blocked me until I pay. There was an invitation to comment on the site and I said, “I don’t need the family tree, all I want is the restoration software, but A$240 p.a. is too much to pay.”

It seems that they are flexible in their pricing and have asked to be able to phone me to talk about it. With misgivings, I’ve sent my phone number. I have a maximum price I’d be prepared to pay in mind so I’ll see what they offer. I have a finite number of images to do, and once they’re done I won’t need it any more. I hope I could do them all in a few months.

I’ll also say I want to be able to restore full size images, 3,000 x 2,000 pixels or more. and get them back in the same size, not reductions. This will be interesting. Something told me they’re an Israeli company.


Early PJC 005

This little guy turned 60 last month. Beverley c1966.

I did try two other photo restoration programs, Topaz Sharpen and PhotoGlory.

Topaz does quite a good job but you have to fiddle with the controls. There are two Auto buttons but I find it confusing about which does what. Engaging them doesn’t seem to do much. The results are nothing like the results from the MyHeritage web site. No thanks.

Similarly, PhotoGlory gives you lots of control over the result, but that also means it takes time and requires you to make decisions about how much is enough. Again, the colourisation is nothing like the results from the MyHeritage software. So, no thanks again.

The thing is, I have hundreds of old B/W photos to do and I need speed and good results, as shown above.


Has anyone else noticed the proliferation of pop-up notifications on web sites since the beginning of this year? I mean, you open a web page, but as soon as you move your mouse over it or scroll down, a rectangular notification panel pops into view, covering part of the page. You have to click an X to dismiss it.

Grrrrrrr!  I’m sick of it. It seems to be new this year, making me wonder if someone has discovered it and published the code or something.


Also, has anyone else noticed how many women, and it’s all women, have rings through their nostrils? It’s reaching the stage where I seem to see more women who have one than don’t.

Ugh. Ugh. UGH! I do not like it. I do not want to look at your nose if you have a ring through it. Or a stud in your tongue. UGH! Don’t women understand what this signifies? It’s obscene. I mean that word, obscene.


Likewise, torn knees in jeans and pants. It’s only women, but they’re all the same, all copying the same artificial pattern of cuts in the knee area of jeans and pants. Gee, how original. Come on.