It’s in WA.

For the past 20 years I’ve been working away on preserving and documenting our family history. I’ve produced a CD-ROM and three books (so far).

Memories title map text3


Croft Family History vol1 cover

Croft Family History vol. 2 cover2A

And for me:

My Life Cover

The years since 2015 have been eventful. I’d better update this.

I’ve also produced three volumes of my best images:



Veni Vidi Vol 3 cover1

As well, I’ve made books on Venice, Java, Japan, Bali and the South West of WA.

0001 Front Cover

Page 2

_Front Cover


Book cover

This was my first effort at a photo-book in 2009. I forgot to put my name on the cover.

It occurs to me to show the range and quantity of my family image collection. This is big – there are 48 contact sheets, too many to show individually. Here are two:

Croft Peter contact

Croft BK2 contact2

The rest are compressed into contacts of contacts:

Croft contact of contacts

A contact sheet of contact sheets.

Croft contact of contacts2

Croft contact of contacts3

I still have yet more photos and negatives to be scanned.