Bunker bulldust day 216

Bali 2016, photo modified with Dynamic Auto Painter © PJ Croft
Note: you can click on these images for a bigger view now.

I’ve been to the GP today to have a small sebacious cyst on my right temple looked at, with a view to “cutting it out”. One of the GPs is a skin specialist and twice she said she “enjoys cutting skin cancers out”. Funny thing to enjoy.

But after she looked at it, she said there would be a fair bit of scarring and it’s better to let it alone and hope it fixes itself. Come back in a month. OK by me. She also froze several small keratoses, which stung a bit. No problem. No actual skin cancers. I’ve never been a big sun tan fiend. Well, pretty big, just not a fiend.


Speaking of appearance, I grew my hair pretty long for the past 14 months, not for any special reason, I just forgot to have haircuts for a while, then thought I’d save money for a while.

But on my mind was that my five year driver’s licence is due for renewal on 15 November, which I thought would require a new photo. I didn’t want to look so woolly in a photo to last for the next five years so last week I had a haircut.

Well, my licence renewal form arrived last week too, and guess what, no new photo required and no renewal fee. Wow. Is this a Seniors thing? I’m very happy about it anyway.

I’m not saying I had the haircut for nothing, I was a bit tired of it being long anyway. So hard to manage. Anyway, I’ve always thought I look better with short hair.


I answered an ad on NextDoor last week for a “young, strong guy” who was looking for any work around the house and after a little difficulty getting in touch with him, I finally got him to come here on Tuesday. Now I understand why he was hard to contact: he’s a 13 year old schoolboy. Name of Carlos.

He’s about what you’d expect a 13yo to be, fairly small but he’s a great worker. His mum brought him here on the first day, presumably to check me out but that’s totally understandable. It seems they only live three minutes walk away so he came alone today after school.

He’s done two 2hr sessions and I think is very happy with the money. At the start I asked him and his mum what he wanted to be paid and they said they would leave it up to me. I was expecting $25/hr for a big guy but I said $20/hr when I saw how small he is. Their eyes lit up and it was smiles all round, so we’re all happy. I think that’s more than they were expecting. I’m prepared to pay to get things done that are too hard for me now. Fatigue! I know you well.

I’m just getting him to do weeding and sweeping and he does a great job, no goofing off. I’m happy.


I’ve been saying this for the past year or so and it’s becoming more and more evident: this Liberal-National federal government is corrupt!!

This is from Crikey.com, Bernard Keane today: “And this is a government — the most corrupt federal government since the 1970s, and possibly much longer — that has constantly indicated it will reward its friends and punish its enemies, and use taxpayer funding — or, more accurately now, borrowed money — to serve its partisan agenda.

“As the sports rorts affair demonstrated, it is also unashamed about it.

“Industry superannuation, renewable energy, the ABC and universities are all enemies of the government; all have been punished or failed to receive anything like the support received by allies and supporters of the government — big fossil fuel companies, the mining industry, News Corp, irrigators and agriculture and high income earners.”

It’s shocking how obvious this corruption has become. It’s not just government either. Just look at the Crown Casinos inquiry and the latest news today, Australia Post executives being given $3,000 Cartier watches for doing their job! There is obviously a disconnect between upper managements’ idea of propriety and that of the rest of us. I spit!!!!


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