Clear as daylight

Sherwood Forest, Nottingham. © PJ Croft 2020

Nice warm day but clouding over. Looks like it might rain a bit. Good.

Not a bad sleep last night. It took about an hour but I could feel myself slipping into sleep. Maybe I should try taking the medication earlier in the evening, although I was doing that before. I dunno.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that Target at the Ocean Keys Clarkson shops had closed down. Last week I thought I’d have a look to see if anything had taken its place. I was very surprised to see a new K-Mart there. But, but, …. I thought we already have a K-Mart in this centre? Well, now we have two, and virtually identical. When you’re in the old Target one, it’s an uncanny feeling that you’re in the other one. Same goods, same shelves, same places. Weird. Maybe they’ll leave them both going for the Xmas period and close one next year. That would make sense.


The former head of the WA Crime and Corruption Commission, John McKechnie QC was quoted in an article in the paper today as criticising the fact that the Liberal Party prevented his reappointment last year when his term expired. He said the appointment of the current temporary commissioner was unsatisfactory.

The other part of the story is that two former Liberal members of parliament were under investigation by the CCC for misuse of their electoral allowances for lavish restaurant meals, an iPad, massages and concert tickets. One of the members was found to have employed a female friend as an electoral assistant, on a salary, for seven years, yet there was no evidence she had ever done any work. She was his girlfriend, in other words.

The police became involved and they seized a laptop of his. He was overheard on an intercepted phone call talking to the other MP and saying he was shit scared because the laptop contained a shitload of incriminating material (the language was actually stronger than that). The parliamentary committee seized the laptop from the police and so far the contents have not been revealed.

So when the CCC commissioner’s term expired last year, his reappointment was blocked.

How can it be any more clear that the Liberal Party is corrupt and has things it has to hide? This has been off the radar for most of this year, but it’s still there, and is clear evidence that this corrupt political party, the Liberal Party, must not be elected to parliament.


The Major Oak Tree, Sherwood Forest, the oldest tree in the forest. © PJ Croft 2020

Bulk rubbish pickup last Tuesday and they (or someone) took my old convoluted foam mattress topper away that I tried to take to the tip a few months ago. They told me then that they couldn’t take it, so maybe someone else took it, but I’m glad it’s gone.

After the pickup, there was a mattress left on the footpath opposite my house, covered in a cotton sleeve. I thought it would languish there but it’s gone now, although the cotton cover is still there, wrapped around a tree trunk, blowin’ in the wind.

I’ve had a big chinaware plant bowl outside my window ever since I’ve been here. It’s about 1,5m across by 1m high and filled with dirt and river stones, so it’s very heavy. It had an aloe vera cactus in it, rather dry and spiky and I’ve never liked it. The cactus went in the last green waste pickup. Now, courtesy of Barbara my neighbour, a friend of hers is going to come and take it away this weekend. He’s going to pay me $50 for it. Good deal, I reckon. He’ll take the timber plinth as well.

I want to plant a tree there. I’ll have to be careful in my selection because it’s only 1,5m from the foundations of the house and a front retaining wall. I should ask Sabrina Hahn. What a walking encyclopedia she is. Amazing knowledge.


I’ve been watching the new fourth series of The Crown and enjoying it. I didn’t think anyone could match, let alone top Claire Foy as Queen Elisabeth in the first two series, but the new actress (Olivia Coleman) is doing very well indeed, in my opinion. She’s very plausible, although what would I know?

Charles comes across as a complete nitwit. It must be embarrassing for him, although I think their skins are pretty thick.

I am so impressed by this series. It’s teaching me history, at least before the 1970s when I became more aware. I remember the Falklands War in 1982 very well, coinciding as it did with another significant event in my life.


Hah! I joined the ALP a couple of years ago and ever since then I’ve been declining the emails telling me of local meetings. But a few days ago the branch secretary said there was no business to discuss this month, so why don’t we meet at the pub at Clarkson for a meal and general chat. So finally, I RSVP’d and said I’d be there tonight.

Well, Lisa emailed me this morning and said she had not had any other RSVPs from any of the 32 other addressees. I was the only one. How apathetic.

She’s rescheduling for next week so I said I’d still come. Let’s see what happens this time.


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