Another milestone

A picture that got past Facebook’s censorship. Balinese schoolgirls in 1941. No wonder two of the three guys are smiling. What’s wrong with the guy on the left?

Why has the font changed? This WordPress is a heap of crap. So different from other word processor software. It’s not a word processor, of course, it’s blogging software, but word processing is a big part of it, the main part. Why can’t they follow the same conventions as real word processors?

OK, it seems to only be in compose mode that the font has changed. Weird.


I turned 74 yesterday, another milestone, or should that be millstone? Mum died at 73 and Dad at 78. The 70s are ominous years, in other words. I feel the need to prepare for my death. I’ve remade my will recently, just to get it up to date. I contacted a funeral company a couple of months ago about buying a pre-paid funeral, but their price is too high and I haven’t tried any others yet. Must do so.

Also, the idea of an Advance Health Directive is in the news a few days ago. I was asked if I have one at the Mount Hospital recently, and although I have all the necessary paperwork (in the form of PDFs downloaded from the web), it’s so complex that I haven’t made a start. It will require answers to be supplied by my doctor and it would need a “long consultation” to do it, I think. I know, what about making a resolution to do it today! That would be revolutionary.


That’s the thing: I’m suffering from a chronic, ongoing lack of get up and go. I had brekky with a couple of mates yesterday and they both agreed that they’re feeling the same, a loss of the energy to get things done that we used to have. Mind you, one is 83 and the other, although only 70, suffers from chronic pain and depression, so we’re not exactly set up to be bundles of energy.


I saw him yesterday about the cyst on my right temple. The Aldara cream doesn’t seem to have done much good, as far as I can see, and he agreed. He’s referred me to a surgeon to cut it out, or he suggested that a laser might be used. It’s quite sore now.


My endless search for the perfect car has me fixated on the Peugeot 407 coupe now. There’s a beautiful V6 twin-turbo diesel 2006 model in Ballarat, Victoria at the moment with distinctive maroon leather:

Boring silver paint. I don’t know why people choose such a dull colour when there are so many other excellent colours available.
But being in Victoria, with lockdowns and hard borders, it would be too difficult at the moment. I’m just daydreaming.

I’ve just had an SMS from my neighbour. She’s a strong Liberal supporter and has a sign in her garden for the Liberal candidate for this location in the upcoming state election on 13 March. It’s a hopeless cause, of course. Labor are going to steamroll the Libs. But the local branch office phoned me a week ago asking if I’d hand out how-to-vote cards. I said I can’t, because I can’t stay standing for long periods, but when they asked me if I’ll have a sign in my garden for John Quigley, my ALP local member, I said yes, gladly.

So now we’re two neighbours with competing signs, cancelling each other out. 🙂 My neighbour says she realises they’re going to lose, but wants her candidate elected because she’s a woman. Sorry, that’s not a sufficient reason.


I finished my second viewing of a program on Netflix the other night, The Bodyguard. WOW! What a great program. It’s a BBC drama production, six one hour episodes, about an ex-army, now London Metropolitan Police Protective Squad guy assigned to protect the Home Secretary. She’s a very attractive woman, of course, and after a couple of episodes, they fall in love. Strictly against the rules. But there are attempts on her life (ultimately successful) and it becomes clear there are sub-plots involving MI5 and other top politicians. It’s an absolutely excellent production, full of realism and tension as only the Poms know how to do. Highly recommended.


4 January 2008

We had a meeting of our school reunion committee last week and I went fully dressed as a woman for the first time. No problems. I’d told them last year that I would do it, but then the virus hit and I never actually followed through. Now I have. The women loved it and the guys were completely accepting. What a change in societal attitudes there’s been in the last couple of decades. I used to be knotted up with anxiety when I went out, but now it’s no trouble at all. I’m totally relaxed about it.

I talked briefly about my transformations with one of the guys yesterday, and he said how good I look when I’m made up. He said his wife had also commented (to him) on how good I look as a woman. Wow, that’s music to my ears. I have to visit him to fix his desktop PC, so I’ll be sure to show my style again. Strut my stuff!