Aaaah, beautiful rain

Isn’t that beautiful? Esperance, WA.

Yipeeee! It’s raining and cool. It’s not heavy, just drizzle, but it started a couple of hours ago and should be enough to at least dampen the fires in the hills. The fireys will be relieved! The forecast is for much more rain tomorrow, “heavy” rain the bureau says, but strong winds, up to 80km/h. I think the rain will probably kill the fires today, though.

I was saying to my European friend, this is Australia: at the same time we have big, serious, out of control bushfires, big floods from the 36th parallel northwards, a cyclone and a pandemic, and there’s a huge mouse plague in NSW. What a country.


Ooops. I think I got away with it, Horace. I had just pulled into the parking area at the Butler shopping centre, fully dressed in my girl-gear of course, and as usual I parked in a group of bays clearly marked for “Elderly” with markings showing a person bent over, pushing a trolley and with a walking stick.

As I was about to get out of my car, a young guy bounded past me and got into his car which was parked next to mine. This was no elderly person! This was a young, fit guy driving a 4WD tray back ute.

Without thinking about it, I got out and just stood next to his door and stared at him. He soon got the message and wound his window down and said, “What?” I said, “You don’t look elderly.” he said, “What?”

I said, “These bays are marked for the elderly.” He just muttered something which definitely included the f… word and drove off.

But what was I thinking? I was talking in my male voice while dressed as a woman, and because it was only a quick trip and I was wearing a mask, I hadn’t bothered to shave. Hah hah hah … I’m lucky he didn’t take it further. Must engage brain next time.


When I came out, what should be parked next to me but one of these:

Image result for peugeot 407
Peugeot 407 Touring, same model and colour

I’d just been looking on Carsales an hour ago. I love the styling and almost everything about this car. The only problem is, most of them are four cylinder diesels and according to the reviews, are underpowered.

However, there are six cylinder petrol models, V6s with twin turbos! I want one!

I freely admit, styling and the look of a car mean everything to me. I have to love the looks to want to own a car. Here’s the same model in the sedan form:

Image result for peugeot 407
Peugeot 407 sedan, also a lovely looking car. (IMHO) This is the 4D sedan but below is the coupe, which is pretty rare here. I like it even more!
Image result for peugeot 407
Image result for peugeot 407

I love that too and I’d have one if I didn’t need the wagon.

On the other hand, I’m becoming more convinced that this is the car I should buy:

Image result for lexus rx 350
2004-5 Lexus RX330

Why? Out of my two present cars, I like the Honda MDX the most. It really is true, the high driving position and the room inside make it preferable to the Verada wagon for me.

So if I want a car to see me out, what better than the luxury and legendary reliability of a Lexus. I don’t need 4WD, but I do want a smooth, luxurious and above all 100% reliable, low maintenance vehicle. Which means Lexus (Toyota but built even better). A 2004-5 model is about $10,000 used in good condition with low kms.


Oh, this stupid, stupid Word Press editor. It’s just lost two of the images I’d placed, saying “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed.” Grrrrrrrr! This WordPress is a load of garbage but what can I do? I have 12 years of posts – it’s a bit hard to change now, and where would I go?


I have a cyst on my right temple and it’s been there for more than six months. It doesn’t hurt, much anyway, but it’s about 6mm in diameter and stings a little bit, as well as slightly oozing a foul smelling fluid.

The GP says it has to be either surgically cut out, or he’s prescribed a cream called Aldara which seems to be designed to burn it out. It destroys the flesh and leaves a wound which should heal over. You are supposed to apply it three times, but spaced two days apart, ie Mon-Wed-Fri. And it’s supposed to be done at night, and you have to sleep with the wound uppermost, ie no contact with the pillow. And definitely no contact with eyes or other skin as much as possible.

I applied the first lot last night and it didn’t hurt as I expected. I thought it would burn and sting, but mostly OK so far. Sleeping exclusively on my left side was difficult so I think I’ll apply it during the day tomorrow. I can’t see why not, unless it requires darkness.


Yum – while in the supermarket, I noticed that McCains have added to their sourdough crust pizza range. Up to now it’s only been spinach and cheese, or Napolitana tomato and cheese. I add other toppings like prawns, anchovies, olives, smoked oysters and so on.

Now there are three new toppings – Italian meatball; salami; and another kind of cheese (can’t remember what). I really do find these pizzas the best I’ve had. At $8 each frozen, I get two meals out of each, so a $4 pizza dinner with wine is good value!