All pumped up

Loch in Scotland © PJ Croft 2008, 2021

Yep, pumped up with antibodies. I had my second COVID-19 Astra Zeneca vaccination this afternoon so I feel invulnerable. Ho ho, nothing is certain, but you’d have to be very, very, incredibly unlucky to catch Corona now, or indeed, to get blood clots. I’m not worried.

I asked if we get a card, or a certificate or a badge to officially prove we’ve been jabbed twice, but although she gave me a printout of my vaccination record since 2013 when I became a regular patient at this medical centre, there’s nothing else.

She did say that if I go to my MyGov website account, I should find a record there that I can print out. OK, I guess I’ll check that in a couple of days. But without some serious government certificate or card to show, anyone can say they’ve been fully vaccinated, even if they haven’t had even one. I want a nice badge I can wear to show people that I’m safe. Maybe I could design one and sell it on the web. I would require proof before I would issue one.

Hah, do I want hassles? Not likely.

By the way, have you heard this Aussie slang? What kind of beer will you have? I’ll have a virus, thanks.
Virus – Corona, yeah?


Wow, what a start to winter. Sunday was our wettest July day for 20 years and June was remarkably cold. For my northern hemisphere readers, “remarkably cold” means 16-17C maxima and 3-6C minima. That’s a normal spring or summer day for you, isn’t it? For me it just means I put on a cardigan each day and throw on a cotton blanket on top of my lightweight doona. I don’t need a blanket under the doona, on top of the sheet. I’m warm enough.


By the way, remember last year I had a big leak on my side of the water meter, where there’s a T-piece for the reticulation pipe. ‘Course you don’t.

Anyway, my water bill at that time was about $540. Ouch. I had to wear it because it was my pipe that leaked and I neglected it.

Then a couple of months ago, a Water Corp guy turned up to replace my water meter, which was faulty. I didn’t realise it. Job done.

Come 12 months later, my water bill up to 31 May arrived, and whammo, it was $545.02. Funny, I thought, I haven’t been having big baths or double showers each day.

You guessed it: when I looked closely at the bill, the amount of water used this year was within 4L of the same period last year. Yes, because the meter had started again from zero, they had just repeated the amount from last year. But that was the time of the big leak, and it’s not leaking now.

So I got onto the Water Corp and showed them this graph, from their last bill:

The 16L quantity from Jan – Mar 2021 is obvious and would have led them to the faulty meter. But the next two quantities, 4224 L and 4228L are a bit outlandish.

I got a very bright and friendly reply from them agreeing with my assessment and promising to investigate and work out a correction.

By coincidence, their new assessment arrived just now and they’ve credited my account with $436.92, so my usage was reduced to about $80. With that amount of credit, I shouldn’t have to pay anything for quite a few months to come. Very satisfactory.


I’ve just had to spell bureaucracy in another post. Boy, I have trouble with that word. I’m a pretty good speller, but that one gets me.


I should have sold the Verada by now, but it’s chosen just this time develop a fault where it won’t start. Or rather, it starts but immediately dies. Second go, starts again, but immediately dies and so on.

I was stumped, but I reckon, I have a hunch, that a tube or hose has fallen off in the engine bay. I haven’t had a look yet, too cold and wet and windy, but I’ll try to fix it myself before I call the RAC.

Speaking of the RAC, I was very pleased to get a letter from them around the 16th of May, which was the 50th anniversary of my membership, enclosing a new membership card, gold and saying 50 Years Gold Member. And in a small velvet bag was a nice gold coloured key ring pendant/medal with the RAC logo on the front and my name engraved on the back.

At last! That’s only a small reward, but it’s nice to finally be recognised after all these years.


2 comments on “All pumped up

  1. Check out for some ideas about why your Verada might be stalling as soon as it starts.

    Re your vaccine record – it should show up immediately in your immunisation history in the Medicare section of the MyGov website or Medicare app.

  2. Pete says:

    Ah, of course, didn’t think of that. I’ll check the web site.

    Re the vax, yes, It turns out that I didn’t have the Medicare app installed. Found it now and sure enough, my vax from today is recorded already. Bingo. Thanks.
    I’d still like a nice shiny badge, though.

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