Uh oh, I stuffed up.

This composite image contains X-ray data from Chandra (green and blue) that shows heated material in the centre of a shell generated by a supernova explosion. Optical data from Hubble show the glowing pink rim, which is ambient gas being shocked by the blast wave from the supernova, as well as the surrounding star field. The Type Ia supernova that resulted in the creation of this remnant would have been visible from Earth some 400 years ago.

Oh, OK, we’re back to the sans-serif Tahoma style composition/editing font that we had a few weeks ago, before Word Press changed to Times New Roman in tiny 8pt for editing. Make up your mind, guys.


Another cool-ish day, not like Spring. When will it be Spring? Maybe on the weekend, and a few days next week according to the forecast.

Good sleeping weather anyway. Not too cold, not too hot. I keep hoping I’ll roll over and find Goldilocks next to me. 🙂


The headline is a confession: I wrote that I’ve bought a Sony mirrorless APS-C camera with lens so that I can use the Shoten adapter to fit my Zeiss/Contax G lenses. Well, I failed to read the fine print:

The fine print: Note: Only the Sony E camera has the function of Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) can work with this lens adapter like α9 II, α9, α7R IV, α7R III, α7s III, α7 III, α7R II、α7 II、α7c 、α6600、α6500、α6400、α6300、α6100

The camera I bought, an α3500, is not in that list. Dang! My fault for not reading the small print. I’ll have to sell it on, although it’s perfectly usable as it is. The woman I bought it from had had no luck for a couple of months before I “made her day” and bought it, so I might have to work at it.

This means I have to buy another camera, although I’m not sure if I will. I’m hardly doing any photography and I have half a dozen excellent cameras, so I should just lock down and save my money. Even sell a few!

Oh oh, there’s a Sony α6400 on Facebook Marketplace at the moment for $1,000. Looks to be in good condition too.

And there’s a Sony 16mm f2.8 for $150. Dang, dang, dang ……….


A cupla days ago I mentioned Russian dolls, the wooden kind. The turned wood dolls of decreasing sizes that fit inside each other. Or vice versa – they start small and get bigger. Ya know what I mean.

I mention it because I’ve just finished watching the first lot of the Netflix series, Russian Doll, only seven episodes but they promise a second series.

It’s got nothing to do with Russians or dolls. It’s set in New York and tells of a woman, and later a guy, who can’t die. That is, they die, but their time-line instantly resets a la Groundhog Day and they find themselves in one (each) location each time.

Big deal, you say, there have been Groundhog Day copies before. But this is good. It’s good because this is New Yawk and the actress, with a glorious head of red hair, is a brilliant Noo Yawker. The dialogue is brilliant, full of jokes and quips. NB: you’d better have a tolerance for language. Every second word is f..ck. Too bad, it’s Noo Yawk. There are even several c..nts, but half the women are lesbians so it passes as argot. They’re allowed to say it.

Anyway, each episode is only half an hour and I was watching two at a time. so it goes quickly. Too quickly. I recommend it and look forward to the next series, although since this series kind of resolved (their timelines converged), it’s hard to see how they’ll continue. But the script is brilliant, so I’m not worried.


I said “cupla” above – just slang, not a word. But I saw the word chupa last night, as used in Chupa Chups. I always used to say Choopa Chups, but anyway.

I think, from what I saw last night, that it’s Spanish for “suck”, which makes sense. Yes, I’ve just used Google Translate to check (very handy, that) and yes, chupa means suck in Spanish. Well I’ll be, ya learn something new every day.