That’s better

Isn’t that beautiful? Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland. It’s a great photo, too.

I have a folder of images of libraries around the world – I’ll post more images when I find it.

The title refers to feeling better after the end of the antibiotic for my bladder bug. It took two courses but seems to have finally worked, although it’s still a bit sting-ey. I think I’ll ask for another test next week in case there’s still a lingering low level infection.

I had the third and final visit to the urologist last Wednesday and was told “You’re free to go” when I went to pay. He bulk billed, in other words. But next day I got a letter containing his invoice for the whole procedure, and after Medicare rebates, I have $1200 still to pay. No further claim on HBF, it says. Ouch! I could have sworn he said at our first talk that, knowing I’m on the age pension, he would do the procedure for the Medicare scheduled fee, i.e. no more for me to pay. I’m wondering if his receptionist was not aware of this and just charged me full whack. What to do? I guess I’ll pay it, but include a note to the receptionist saying what I remember. Worth a try.


Wow, heart attacks claim the lives of two great cricketers in three days, Rod Marsh at age 74 on Wednesday and Shane Warne yesterday at 52. These guys would have still been pretty fit, even though they were retired.

It just bears out what I’ve been thinking for a long, long time: if you want to do something, don’t put it off, because fate can strike you down without much warning. We were always told to save our money “for a rainy day”. Well, the rainy days are here after you’ve retired, (especially if you live on the east coast 🙂 ).

It makes me think of what I still haven’t done and should do, while I still have the ability.

  • Write my memoirs! I can’t get started – sound familiar?
  • Go to England to see Croft Castle – the COVID virus is stopping me doing that.
  • Revamp my hi-fi system – I’ve got the amplifier, SACD player and MD deck, just not the energy.
  • Get my front steps rebuilt to include a ramp – I just need to measure it and draw plans.
  • Get my three reels of Super 8mm film digitised
  • Buy the Chinese-made radio/LCD screen for the Peugeot. $660. High price, but it’s an exact fit.

That’s a partial list, I’ll add more as I go.


It looks like travel to Bali is back – Jetstar sold $99 one-way fares on Thursday night, but they sold out very quickly. Apparently Air Asia are going to do something similar very soon.

I still don’t feel I can go. As long as there’s any hint of the COVID virus there, I could never relax, which is a big part of the reason for going to Bali in the first place. What would I do if I developed any symptoms such as sore throat, cough, flu-symptoms and so on? This is a fairly common side effect of air travel, but I would be so uptight. Do I go to a hospital or not, knowing that hospitals harbour all kinds of germs? If I panicked and wanted to get home as quickly as possible, would I tell the airline why I was escaping the island? No, for all these reasons, I can’t go.


My Peugeot – look at that nose scraping the kerb!

I still can’t open the boot. I need to get the RAC out to replace the battery in the Honda, and I hope to get him to squirm through into the Peugeot’s boot from the back seats. You can insert a screwdriver into a hole in the lock from the inside and open it that way. I’m tempted to do it myself, but I suspect I’d be OK going in, but be unable to back out again. Or go all the way with the boot lid open. No, I’ll get the RAC to do it.


Batteries! Haven’t we become so dependent on them? We’ve had car batteries for as long as we’ve had cars, but the battery has to do so much more with all the electronics in cars now.

I have 15 or so watches, collected over the past 40 years or more, (all quite cheap ones, around $250 being the most expensive, usually about half that cost). They all depend on batteries, of course, and replacing the dead batteries from time to time (ha! pun intended) is quite a job. I spent more than two hours doing five of those watches on Thursday. I’m not going to pay a jeweller’s shop to do it, at about $50 a pop. I don’t quibble that a tradesman should be paid for his time, but I can do it myself for the cost of the batteries.

Getting the back off the watch is not too difficult, it’s getting it back on that’s the hard part. Sproing! I don’t think the water seal is going to stand up to my treatment either. Can’t be helped.


Ukraine’s a worry. It’s not hard to see how it could blow up into a NATO confrontation with Russia, and that madman Putin is mad enough to use tactical nuclear weapons.

I’m silly enough to want to read novels about World War 3 and they all involve Russia invading a smaller country, especially Latvia/Estonia. And China seeing an opportunity to take Taiwan by force.

It’s a worry.


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