More on thermostats

Peugeot thermostat housing from Amazon USA. What crazy guy designed that?

I wrote yesterday about thermostats for the Pug. This is what the housing looks like. The actual thermostat is inside that housing, but obviously you have to remove the whole thing before you can split it apart. The price is >$120 and up, depending on manufacturer.

From watching YouTube, it occurs to me that it could also be that the radiator fan could be a fluid coupled or temperature switched type that’s stuck on, running all the time even when started from cold. That would keep the engine too cool. I can check that myself. Better do that before I jump to conclusions.

I’ve been watching a LOT of YouTube mechanical video clips in the past few months and I learn a LOT from them. One thing has been that my knowledge was still from the days of distributors, one coil and spark plug leads. No, on modern cars these days each spark plug has its own coil. They’re still connected by leads, but it ain’t like the old days.

Anyway it’s dinner time.


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