Now we can see Dornie

At last, at last! Google Earth has finally got around to updating its images of Dornie.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, until recently, it was impossible to see any detail on zooming in to the Dornie/Kyle area on Google Earth. No roads, no houses, nothing but a blur.

I’ve just checked this morning and now we can see Susan’s place. Observe:

Click on the image for a larger view.
If you zoom in, you can even see the red car parked in front of Sue’s place that features in one of my shots on the DVD. How about that?

Now I’ll be able to incorporate these better views into the DVD.

But look at the difference it’s made to the images. Above is a view I’ve used in the DVD:

And this is the view now.

At least I can now see the road through the Pass of the Cattle. That’s good, but it’s lost something, don’t you think?

Interesting (to me, anyway!)

Watch this guy

This photo was taken on Saturday 2 May at Marmion beachfront. Take note of the good looking guy on the left. No, the left – the guy on the right is a nobody.

In order l-r: Hugh Borrowman, Maxine Croft, me. If you listen to the ABC, you may have heard Hugh’s name in the past day or two. He’s our cousin, over on a quick visit from Canberra, and I suspect he’ll be holding that image of beach, sea, sand, warm sun, soft breezes and salt air in his mind for the next few years as he heads off overseas. You’ll be hearing more of him soon, I predict.

Maxine is a 7 year survivor of lymphoma and keeps on fighting. She’s doing well, as you can see, despite chemo and setbacks.

As for me, that’s how I look now. I hope to be 30Kg smaller in a year’s time or less. Sort of like this:

That was 1984.

As I said, watch this space.