Digital Magic

Here’s an example of Photoshop’s magic. My original photo was a bit crooked and the pole and pedestrians were in the way.

This rework below has straightened the image, removed the pole and pedestrians and swept away any traces of the trickery. Notice the wall above where the TV camera and pole were, and the pub footpath sign where the woman’s boobs were. The sign has been recreated.

Couldn’t do that with film. It was in Cambridge, by the way. Still is, for that matter.


A few more pics

It’s time I published a few pictures of my own.

I’ve been taking photography seriously since 1967, that’s 42 years, but only from about 1986 did I feel as if I’d started to ‘get the hang of it’. I have thousands of images from around Australia and the world. Here are a few.This was in the Trigg Bushland Reserve in July last year, just around the corner. So were these, but in 1989:

That bush has burnt completely twice in the 22 years I’ve been here, but it just bounces back better than ever. When it burnt in 2001, it uncovered this:

That was revealed by the fire, but the question is, what is it? Someone went to an awful lot of trouble to make it, but why? And why build it when it’s covered by undergrowth and invisible 99% of the time? Do we have druids in the area? Crop circles resulting from alien spaceships? Weird.

More to come. PC

Digital images

I can’t resist telling you about a website I visit every day, Digital Photography Review, It’s a UK site and very geeky – strictly for camera addicts like me, but when they review a camera or lens, they post sample pictures they’ve shot with it. This, to me, is fantastic, because they make the full sized originals available for download and they look much better on a good LCD monitor than they ever did printed on magazine pages.

What kicked me off on this is the sequence provided for their review of the Canon iXUS 990 IS published a few days ago. This is a small pocket/handbag, point and shoot, happy snapper in pink or champagne colour or whatever, which you can buy here for about $550 just about anywhere, less on the web.

But the pictures it produces! They usually shoot images around London which are great, but this time they took it to Denmark, Copenhagen I assume, and the images just made my jaw drop.

Take a look for yourself if you’re interested. Start here:

Click the tiny images along the top row to select, and if you have a fast internet feed (I think everyone has a fast internet feed except me!) you can download and see the images full size, straight from the camera by clicking on the file name below the large image. The full sizes are 4 to 5MB.

I enjoyed these images so much that I downloaded nearly all of them, and remember, these are as-shot, not retouched or massaged. I wish I could post one or two here, but they are copyright and I’d need to get permission. I’m sure it would be given, but…

Which leads me to say, please don’t use any of my pictures that I show on this blog for any purpose other than looking and enjoying. Feel free to print them, but if you want a proper print sized file, please ask me. Thanks.

Anyway, I just feel that the images from digital camers are now so pleasing that it’s brought a whole new level of enjoyment to photography. It’s hard to go wrong in the technical side of making photos now, and I’ve heard that Auto-Creative modes are just around the corner 😉 There’ll be a Cartier-Bresson mode that will click the shutter for you at the decisive moment; a Helmut Newton mode that will make gorgeous women take their clothes off and pose as soon as you bring the camera out; a Spielberg mode that will make a two hour wide screen movie with special effects at your next kids’ party; a Lord Litchfield mode for next time you visit Buckingham Palace (or the Swedish Prime Minister), and so on.

The only problem is, I’d be too embarrassed to be seen taking photos with the camera above.


Getting smaller?

My recent big event was that I had the lapband gastric banding operation on Wed 6 May, so I hope I’m on the path to getting smaller. I wish I could say that everything’s different and I’ve lost my appetite and am eating tiny meals, but I’d be bullshytting if I did.

The op was easy – in on Wednesday morning, first bus off the rank (yeah, I feel bus sized) at 8am and back in the ward by 10am I think. It was only an overnight stay, but I was allowed to get up and walk around, and I was home by 1030am the next day. Amazing. No stitches – the small wounds were just glued together and covered by a thin film of plastic, which slowly dissolved off in the shower over the next two weeks. It was all laparoscopic, so there was only one incision of about 6cm (I just measured it) and half a dozen other holes. No mess, very little pain.

Sure enough, for the first five days, I had little appetite and the mandatory clear soup and fruit jelly filled me up. But then my appetite returned and I felt as hungry as ever. They didn’t tell me much, but I’m assuming there’s no saline solution in the band at the moment, because I can’t feel any constriction. I’m supposed to start gradually eating soft foods, which I did, but I’m supposed to eat slowly and chew 32 times and all that, but frankly, I just forget and eat normally. I’m not having any reflux problems, and my weight is slowly creeping up again.

I have an appointment on Friday 5 June and I assume saline is going to be injected then to fill the band and increase the constriction. I hope so, because I was really looking forward to help with appetite control. I am so tired of dieting! I can never eat or drink without feeling guilty about it and seeing the result on the scales next morning if I transgress. Oh well, I’ll see how I feel after this first appointment.

I’ll keep you posted on progress.