A few more pics

It’s time I published a few pictures of my own.

I’ve been taking photography seriously since 1967, that’s 42 years, but only from about 1986 did I feel as if I’d started to ‘get the hang of it’. I have thousands of images from around Australia and the world. Here are a few.This was in the Trigg Bushland Reserve in July last year, just around the corner. So were these, but in 1989:

That bush has burnt completely twice in the 22 years I’ve been here, but it just bounces back better than ever. When it burnt in 2001, it uncovered this:

That was revealed by the fire, but the question is, what is it? Someone went to an awful lot of trouble to make it, but why? And why build it when it’s covered by undergrowth and invisible 99% of the time? Do we have druids in the area? Crop circles resulting from alien spaceships? Weird.

More to come. PC

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