The older I get, the more coincidences seem to be happening to me. I suppose it’s explainable by having more life experiences under my belt (yeah, and I can’t do my belt up any more…), but sometimes it’s scary.

On Wednesday the story about Qantas selling exit row seats on aircraft to anyone who pays, instead of reserving them for tall people who need the leg room, was on ABC radio as I was coming back from walking the dog. While driving, I was remembering a particular incident about 15 years ago when I had an exit row seat coming back from Sydney despite my short legs. I mentioned it at the time (this was about 1994 or so) to a bloke who used to run the local service station and is particularly tall and he said he really needs these seats when he flies. The service station closed down years ago and I haven’t seen him in many years, although I know he used to live in this area.

This was on my mind when I pulled into the local deli to buy the papers. Who should walk in the door but the same guy! It was uncanny. Scary, even.

This just one of a million stories from the naked city. 😉 PC

Speaking of walking the dog, four labradors together.

Their attention is being held by the owner of one of the brown ones out of shot.

Like this? I swear it wasn’t set up!

I always leave my back door open and sometimes crazy brave doves wander in to peck the carpet. Minnie gets into retriever mode and feathers fly (the doves survive).

Last ime it happened a couple of months ago, I turned around after catching the dove and taking it outside to see Minnie like this.

I grabbed the camera and voila! Cute, eh?