The dog ate my hard disk

I looked after the neighbours’ dog last night, and I was very pleased to do it, I might add. But it’s a 6 month old kelpie cross, and I’d forgotten that they chew things.

I heard a few noises during the night (I keep the dogs inside at night) but didn’t worry about them. I got up this morning to find this:
It’s my portable 250GB USB powered hard drive for use with a laptop. All the plastic and rubber bits had been chewed off and there are a few dents and toothmarks, as you can see. But it still works! I plugged it in and away she went. I copied everything off (it wouldn’t have mattered if I’d lost it anyway) so nothing was lost, but I’m not sure if I’ll trust it for critical files any more.

Actually, it was full of video files from my trip last year, and they’re PAL. I wonder if the dog smelt them? Woof.


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