It’s big out there

Image:International Space Station

I said my next DVD project would be on Venice and Milan, but I’ve been hijacked.

A week ago someone emailed me a Powerpoint slide show of Hubble Space Telescope images, accompanied by “Wow, these are so good, you must see this…” etc etc. Trouble is, I’d already seen all the images and in much higher resolution. That set me thinking that I’ve been viewing and collecting these astronomical images for years, so I did a count (I don’t physically count them, my viewing software tells me how many there are). It turns out that I’ve got 324 of Earth and the Universe, 131 just of Hubble images, 11 of Jupiter, 193 of Mars, 6 of Mercury, 99 of Saturn, 29 of Titan and 3 of Venus.

So! There’s a challenge, if ever I saw one, and my next project is now called Reaching for the Stars: The Earth and the Universe. This time I’m using software called ProShow Producer which is designed for still images, rather than video, but it can incorporate video as well and I’ve got a few clips.

The result will be hundreds of stunning space images set to music, with motion and effects, and my jaw drops just in the process of making it. This software is great stuff and with images like this to work with, I’m in raptures. Of course, they’re not my images or my music; all I’m doing is pulling it together in sequence and timing. It should be good.


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