Strike up the band

At the Channel 7 Reunion display last week with Peter Partridge
and one of the greatest videotape recorders ever produced, the Ampex AVR1.

I’ve had a bit of action on my gastric Lap Band in the past fortnight. It was put in in May, but up to two weeks ago, there was very little effect. I sometimes felt the food scraping as it went through, but I sure didn’t lose any weight. I must admit I should have gone back more often for the band to be tightened.

Then two weeks ago, I got an extra 1ml added, and although it felt OK in the surgery, when I got home I found out what a tight band really feels like. I couldn’t keep anything down, but thinking back, maybe I wasn’t understanding how slowly and how little to eat.

But I couldn’t hack it, and so went back a week later (last week) to have 0.5ml taken out. It’s better, but still no picnic. I didn’t realise how drastic and uncomfortable this is going to be. I have to be so careful not to eat too much too fast. Sip at liquids, nibble at food, then wait for it to go through before taking the next nibble. Ugh!

At the moment, I’m very discouraged. I thought it would be easy, but it’s not. I suppose I just have to get used to it, and I suppose I am, but the restrictions on what I can eat are very disheartening.

I have my next appointment on 11 November, so I’ll see how I feel then. I’ve lost 4kg in the past two weeks, so I suppose that’s something. Stay tooned.



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