This is spooky

Crumbs, concrete bus seats that move by thought power, and now this —

This is one of my photos:


I can’t specifically remember taking this but I’m sure it was the South Bank of the Thames in London in 2008.

Now, just 20 mins ago, I was browsing a review of a camera  (you can’t have too many cameras…) and I saw this as one of the sample images:


Aaaaaarrrrgh, I thought. Have I accidentally included a reviewer’s image as my own?  It’s in my book about to be sent off for printing.  That would be very bad.

But no, mine is distinct.  It is just a coincidence. This is obviously a popular place on the river bank.  Here’s another pair  — here’s mine:


And here’s the reviewer’s:


Mine are much better of course.  That’s why I’ve included them in my new book.

Actually, they are not the same phone boxes, but … the two images have similarities.

So how about that?  Another coincidence, and just at the right time.



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