Back in Perth

Phew, tiring day. Thank goodness, this time for the flight home, we had a normal aerobridge. In November I had to climb the stairs on the tarmac and it was bit of an ordeal.

It was supposed to be a 9am flight from Denpasar, but although we pushed back on time, we sat there for 20 mins and then went back to the terminal. We just had to sit there while the techos worked on it, and after an hour they came out with smiles and a thumbs up, so at 10am we pushed back again and we were off. Better to have a fault on the ground than in the air!

Magnificent air shots on the way. WA is an artist’s palette – all ochre reds and greens and brown and blacks.

Ochre watercourses

Watercourses everywhere! For such a dry state, where is all the water? What made these huge water gorges?

Water, water, where?
The cuttlefish. Off the WA coast somewhere.

So we arrived in Perth an hour late. That coincided with a jumbo arrival, so the baggage hall was chocka. Luckily I managed to get through pretty quickly. But a Customs woman made me open my suitcase! Why? She simply lifted one corner of my clothes and said, OK, you can go. Crazy. I’m carrying a walking stick and lifting the case onto the table is a bit hard for me, but it didn’t matter to her.

One point was that the Customs form asked if I was a resident returning and did I intend to spend the next 12 months in Australia? For the first time, I said No. Did it make any difference? No, no-one asked any questions. So what’s the point of the question?

I’m also grumpy about the stupid grammar of the card: Please turn over the card. NO! Please turn the card over.

It’s the same with the QANTAS form: “Subtly, each aircraft is different.” WHAT?? No-one speaks like this. They’ve been using this for 15 years, so it seems I’m the only one to object, but this is stupid syntax. If you’re talking to people for whom English is the second language, using “subtly” as a preposition is just ridiculous.

Grumpy Pete strikes again.

Too bloody hot in Perth! 38C today. Bali is wetter and more humid, but I tolerate that better than this heat.

Taken at 250mm while landing ie image stabilisation works well.

Minnie was beside herself to see me, especially as I arrived with Keith. She shows her pleasure very nicely. I now have the pleasure of looking after next door’s dog Lola for a week, and I’m delighted to do so.

When I die, I want to come back as a dog.

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