Another bed

Saturday morning after a heavy, heavy rainstorm last night, with lots of distant lightning. No water intrusion into the rooms, though, unlike villa 3 in March.

The yacht race web site shows that Marco Polo, the yacht Barry Wood is on, is still 62 n. miles out and struggling for wind. They’re not quite last, but near to it. Looks like it’ll be tonight before they arrive. Apparently they were in the thick of the distant storm last night and lost a sail, so it must have been violent.

Ian and Naomi’s bed arrived late yesterday:

The guys who delivered it phoned me for directions and couldn’t understand that I don’t have a street number. I think I’d better invent one, or put up a sign at the Jl Poso end of Jl Blanjong.

Eventually, they parked their truck in Jl Merta Sari at the end of the laneway and carried the bed parts up the lane to the villa. Made sense.

But as you can see, it will need a proper mattress, not just an airbed or foam temporary mattress. I’m awaiting instructions.

Hmmm, what shall I do today?  Speakers for my mini hi-fi and a TV antenna, I think.

Oh, and one lucky break. I dropped one of my portable hard drives on which I’d laboriously stored 50 or so TV programs over the last few weeks. It no longer worked! I managed to get the drive out of the casing, which was pretty damaged, and this time when I connected it, it worked! I carefully made a copy of the TV programs folder on another drive. Phew!

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