Friday 6 May

Sorry about the long gap. I only have internet in the cafe, so it’s a bit hard.

Thursday in Bali and it’s turned a bit grey and threatening rain. Reasonably cool, though.

I was having lunch at the Gardenia Cafe today and overheard Aussie voices talking about sailing. Quick as a flash, I deduced that maybe they were yachtsmen from the Freo to Bali Yacht Race. Sure enough, I was right!

From the web site, I’d noticed that Marco Polo, Bob Kucera’s yacht with Barry Wood crewing, was still 164 nm from finishing. The guys reckoned it will be tomorrow (Friday) night before they get here. Somehow, I doubt I’ll be at the yacht club marina to greet them, because it could be any time. I’m sure I’ll see Barry at the Sanur Beach Hotel, or else he’ll come knocking on my door. They must be frustrated at the lack of wind.

Friday morning update: they’re still 104 nautical miles out and making slow progress. Not much wind. Time to break out the baked beans, I think.

I seem to be having a run of bad luck, if that’s what you’d call it.

When I lay down on the bed last night, there was a loud crack and the mattress slumped lower. I wasn’t going to get up and sort it out at that time, so I just slept anyway, on a sloping matress.

This what it means to “bed down for the night”

This morning, It’s clear what happened. The notched rail that holds the cross slats was just skew-nailed on the bottom edge with quite small nails and it had just broken off, allowing all the slats to collapse to the floor. As well, the two longitudinal slats had broken.

This is the bed that was custom made by a local company, and it’s CRAP. I’ve been trying to get them to replace the slats with better quality wood since March. We actually went to their premises on Tuesday to talk about having them replaced, and they said they’d be here yesterday about 10 or 11am. They didn’t show, of course.

Now Wiwin has phoned them and told them what’s happened. I’ve said I need it fixed for tonight. They were supposed to come at 2pm and it’s now 4pm with no show. It looks like I’ll be putting the mattress on the floor tonight!  I’d fix it myself if I had a drill and some screws, but getting some new timber would be a problem.

STOP PRESS: They came at 4.45pm and replaced all the slats with new, thicker timber. They only nailed the notched rail to the side, but with solid long nails, so I think it should hold. I don’t know why they couldn’t use glue and screws…

Then I found my computer had screwed itself up this morning and I couldn’t get onto the internet for email. I had to do a roll-back to fix it.

It also seems to be a random hit or miss whether it will show my movies via the HDMI cable to my new 24″ TV. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but I can’t figure out why.

Then my Bali map won’t show on my Garmin GPS navigator. I’m sure I’ve followed the correct procedure to load it, but no go. No problem, I thought, the Bali Navigator office is just down the street a couple of hundred meters. So I went there, only to find that the guy I’ve been dealing with is actually in Australia. I assumed he was here. So until I can contact him by email, my $110 map is useless.

There’s also only a very weak TV signal out of the wall socket in the villa. I suspect there’s actually no antenna connected to it.

And although I asked a couple of weeks ago to have my ADSL internet connected in the villa, that hasn’t been done either. So I can only do i/net at cafes.

And the “stainless steel” sink is rusty as hell.

I’m getting grumpy again, aren’t I.

On the bright side, I bought a microwave oven yesterday, a Sharp 22L for $135. Not bad value. And the beer’s nice and cold in the fridge.

Sitting here in the Art Cafe, I’ve just noticed that there’s a large bat hanging from a tree about 10m away. Apparently he’s a “pet” and gets fed from the cafe. Smart bat.

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