First day in Bali

Tuesday morning on a  glorious day. It’s not hot or even humid at 0915. Little bit rainy yesterday, but only briefly.

I was met at the airport by Wiwin and Yudhie, which was very good of them seeing it was nearly 1230am. Wiwin gave me a big basket of fruit. Thank you very much, Wiwin.

After a loooong drive to drop Wiwin home on the way, we finally reached my villa at 2am. Luckily, out of the multitude of keys (every door has a different key and I realise now that I’d mixed two bunches up), I managed to hit the right ones in one or two tries. It would have been pretty frustrating trying to sort that out at 2am.  It took me until 3am to finally hit the sack, so I was pretty zonked.

Breakfast (makan pagi) now in the Art Cafe Warung across from the Mercure Hotel. English breakfast, including fresh OJ and Bali Kopi for about $5. Terrific.

The first yacht in the Freo to Bali race has already arrived, breaking Rolly Tasker’s record. I’m afraid Marco polo, the yacht my friend Barry’s crewing on, is way back and looks as if it’s searching for wind. It’ll be a few days yet before it gets here. I’ll try to be at Benoa when it arrives, but judging when to be there will be difficult.

The villa needs a lot of cleaning. You wouldn’t think dust would be a problem here, but it is. Dust and dirt everywhere. As well, a lot of the metal fittings are rusting, even the “stainless steel” screws. The sink has many bad patches of rust. I think that might need to be a warranty item, because a stainless steel sink should not rust.

One of the taps in the second bathroom is faulty, too, so no water in the wash basin. Someone had conveniently turned the tap off, so it wasn’t obvious.

Out to look for a bit of furniture today. A table and chairs, and a couple of comfy cushioned chairs. Maybe a small TV, until I can afford/arrange a big one for the lounge room.

Finally, this from the Bali Times: “Officials shooting poisonous darts at stray dogs shoot a woman by mistake last week in Klungkung.” Oh dear. Maybe she looked like a dog.

Sampai jumpa.

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