Lucky Dog

Good news about the lost dog running up the road I wrote about on Tuesday. I was leaving the rugby club last evening and happened to glance over the fence and through the hedge at the tennis courts below.
There was the same little dog, running back and forth chasing a tennis ball with someone down there. I could be mistaken, but I reckon it was the same dog. All’s well that ends well.
Historic day last Wednesday: I submitted my application for the Age Pension. It took me days to figure out how to answer the Income and Assets questions and in the end, I just had to front up with one of the questions unanswered, pending their advice.
A supervisor was called over and he eventually agreed with my interpretation, so it was easy after that.
I’d been told that opening time is the best time to avoid queues and so it proved. I arrived at 0840am and there was no-one in front of me. They still made me sit down and wait for 15 mins, but I was all done and out by 0920.
It means I’m in their clutches now! Every change in my financial circumstances has to be reported from now on. Ho hum…
Anyone who calls me an old aged pensioner had better be ready for a slap!

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