Ya gotta laugh!

…or you’d cry.  I know I’m a sad case when I read the fine print at the end of newspaper advertisements, but the ad for Polytechnic West on page 53 of The West yesterday caught my eye.
In the last line it says, “Errors and ommissions accepted”. Obviously! A double banger. I reach for the sic bag. I think I’ll have to send them a rocket.

I got the letter from Centrelink on Friday: pension’s all fixed, payments start on 15 February. Nice to be getting something back after all these years. Apart from the Health Care concession card, I’ve never had any government handout before. 
I never got the First Home Buyer’s grant in the 1980s, nor did I get the $900 bonus in 2008 for the GFC. Why? My income is so low that I don’t submit a tax return, but that meant I didn’t qualify for the bonus!  I wrote to the PM’s office to protest, but just got a gobbledygook fob-off reply.  At least they did reply.

Phew it’s hot!  Air conditioning makes it bearable, but I feel imprisoned in the house at times. It’s junk collection this week and I wish I could go scavenging, but not in this heat.

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