The new Royal Barge
I don’t know any more than what you see, but it’s a start. The start time in London will be 1pm, which will be 9pm our (WA) time, Sunday 3 June.I haven’t found any TV broadcast info yet. I’ve searched the ABC’s website but found nothing obvious. I hope they will devote their hi-def channel, News 24, to a full broadcast, free of interruptions until its finish time of 5pm GMT, 1am WA time.
The RAAF balloon that “crashed”, no, sorry guys, had an unscheduled stop last Thursday, came down in Shardlow Loop Carine. That’s Peter Partridge’s street and he was there. So were nearly the entire suburb after a while, apparently, but it was a pretty unusual event. I briefly saw the balloon in the air but that’s all.
I was returning from the shops where I was amazed to see, among the biscuits, nuts and sundry groceries, recordable DVDs in Black & Gold packaging! Yes, these ultra hi-tech discs which used to cost a fortune and come in gleaming jewel cases are there in 25 disc spindle packs among the food items.
Then in the newsagent, I saw 1Terabyte USB3 portable hard drives in blister packs for $156 or something, among the rulers, pencils and envelopes. Computers are now sold in Retravision, 8GB USB thumb drives come in double blister packs at the Good Guys where you can buy Mum a wi-fi router for Mothers’ Day… is nothing sacred?!  
What other commodity or service has fallen so far in price than electronics? It’s all due to the cleverness of electronics engineers that this is happening. They never stop finding better, cheaper, faster, easier ways of making electronic products. Would that people in other industries had the same aims and abilities.
I proudly call myself a precisionista now. If you read Zoltan Kovacs’s articles in Saturday’s West Australian pages, you’ll know what I’m talking about. We used to be satisfied with the label of pedant, but I like the new term better.

Credit ESO

Isn’t that nice? It’s two galaxies colliding somewhere light years away in space, but astronomers have nick-named it Tinkerbell.