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PS to below: I’ve searched the ABC-TV website and according to their program guide, there is NO broadcast of the Thames pageant scheduled on Sunday 3 June!
Naturally I’ve emailed them asking why, but after 48 hours there’s been no reply and I don’t have much hope of satisfaction.
Funny, we’re told repeatedly that Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Australia as well, but we get lower status than Europeans at UK immigration counters, are not allowed to work in the UK even though people from the EU are, and now it seems we won’t get to see this pageant.
I hope I’m wrong, but …
I’m bloody psychic! I see the future! I’m convinced of it.
Yesterday (Monday) morning I was dreaming just before I awoke and the dream vividly showed a side yard of a house somewhere in a city. In the dream there was a blue painted steel fence above a brick wall and oddly, a crane or something was installing rectangular blue painted steel mesh columns spaced about 2m apart inside the railing fence. Weird, brief, but a very clear dream.
Then last night (Monday, same day) I watched 4 Corners on the Madeleine McCann missing girl in Portugal mystery. In the program they used quite a lengthy shot of – a wall with blue painted steel railings on top! Same blue, similar style!
Coincidence? Pretty strange.