Video Recording

Boy, I’m quite pleased with my new HDD/DVD recorder described yesterday.
The difference was noticeable as soon as I hooked it up and turned it on. The pictures through the machine are much better than the old one. Panasonic seem to have got their technology right in upscaling standard definition to 1080p — it’s noticeably better than before, even though the old one purported to do the same. There’s a new depth and saturation to the pictures.
Second, I no longer need to worry about recording conflicts. Two programs to record at the same time? At first I started my usual triage decision, but now, no problem, just push the OK button. Quite pleased, in other words.
I’m just shaking my head in open mouthed disbelief at the moment.
a) Julian Assange has today lost his appeal in a London court against extradition to Sweden to face trumped up charges, from a setup orchestrated by the CIA, to get him back to the USA where the US government will try to legally murder him for legally publishing information that was revealed by one of their own soldiers and which they failed to protect. I have no doubt they are mightily upset about it, but there is every chance they will try very hard to murder an Australian citizen for it.
Sweden, you have sunk into the sludge at the bottom of the pond. I used to think the Scandinavian countries were the good guys of the world, but I wipe Sweden off that list.
The USA of course, continues on its murderous, genocidal course, not content with killing their own citizens, mental retards, youths, ethnic minorities and anyone of a darker skin colour. Now they want to kill an Australian for offending them.
b) the member for Alfred Cove, Janet Woollard MHR has this afternoon embarked on the next step of her campaign to help her son, and her, avoid facing his responsibilities over the horrendous boat crash in 2007.
She’s used her electorate office and time and public money (!) to send 14,000 letters on what she denies is her parliamentary letterhead, but which she admits looks quite like it, to plead her case to her electorate. Her son has avoided his responsibility for the awful injuries and medical costs to his passenger by declaring bankruptcy, but she pushes the blame back onto the victim!
I loathe this woman and her son. Is there a stronger word? I’ll come up with some, trust me. She calls herself Doctor Janet Woollard. Her doctorate is in nursing. To me, she is the antithesis of a nurse.
These people (MPs and the medical elite) command huge fees and salaries, live in an expensive suburb, yet they continue to tell us that their son is “a good boy”, can’t afford to pay and is being persecuted over this awful mistake.
Sue me, Janet, please! I would love to face you in court. You are going through purgatory at the moment and you deserve every second of it. Long may it continue because you are bringing this on yourself. As Russell said, if you just paid up, it would all go away and you could sort it out in private. You could then force your good boy to pay you back, as I’m sure you would. Stupid women.
We have not heard the last of this. All power and thanks to John Hammond who is acting for the victim. Go man, go. 
c) Speaking of doctors, Bashar Al-Assad, the head of state of Syria, is a medical doctor, an eye surgeon. He trained in the UK and therefore I’m certain he took the Hippocratic oath to “Above all, do no harm”.
But under his authority his army are executing children and women, non-combatants, innocents, guilty of no more than being in an area where people, his own citizens reside, simply because he believes they oppose his rule.
To practise medicine, I assume he was or is registered with the British authority, the British Medical Association, the BMA. I’m trying to find out whether he was, or still is. He must be banned? Stay tuned.