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Americas Cup 1986   © P. J. Croft 2012

OK, here it is Friday 7th and I’ve spent an hour this morning on a bed having a leg vein ultrasound examination. Fascinating! You can see your veins as clear as day pulsing away and the scanner adds flashes of colour so you can see the blood pumping along too. The sonographer sounded very happy so I don’t think I’ve got anything to worry about. My left leg was the concern, but it’s cleared up beautifully since last week.

As Jeana said, the sonography machines have improved remarkably in the past few years as technology has advanced. She said it’s hard to keep up with the advances. It’s all Philips’ work too, so multinationals ain’t all bad.

I must say I felt a lot better this morning. My legs seem to be regaining their strength, maybe? It’s easier to walk and I’m carrying my stick instead of leaning on it.

I also spoke to the chemist here. She’d asked whether I was noticing any side effects of amiodarone. Well, yes, a bit more puffed and tiring easily, weight gain and vision change – my vision is blurred and the left eye is much worse than the right.

She consulted her computer and said to ask the doctor – could be hypothyroidism. Amiodarone can interfere with the thyroid. Hmmm.

Considering I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in the past eight days, gaining weight is a bit disheartening (boom boom). But I do feel better. No trouble stopping. No withdrawal symptoms.


This afternoon I got a call from the CommBank loans guy. He’s been away on holidays, but is now moved to Osborne Park, Main St. Karrinyup Northcourt no longer has a loans officer! Bugger. Osborne Park is a fair way to go for a 10 min meeting and hard to park.

Anyway, line of credit? No problem. $10K minimum. No problem. Need bridging finance when I change properties, no problem. My credit has already been established when I applied for the reverse mortgage, so no need to do it again. I’m a good client.  Yeah, sure.


After the ultrasound, having been fasting, I went to Innaloo shops for a Subway lunch. Uh oh. It’s gone! No more Subway there any more. Damn. They didn’t ask me.


While there last week, I overheard two women in Target: “Oh, did you see that little boy? No jacket and bare feet. Oh my God!”

Mind your own business! I saw the boy go past with his mother. It wasn’t cold and he was having fun. What business is it of theirs?


I also had to go to K-Mart today to buy some of my 4XL boxer shorts. What a crap store! There is no variety of stock. Rows and rows of same old same old. No brands except their own K-Mart brands. Drab colours, or day-glo colours. Awful stuff. Cheap and nasty.

Australian retailers complain about poor sales, but there’s nothing but rubbish to buy here. They’re not seeling, they are presenting crap and hoping we’ll accept it. Bulldust! This is Wesfarmers.

More later.

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