Up and Up

I’ve been a bit quiet again, but things are going well. No worries. I’m feeling better every day. I went for a full half hour walk yesterday morning, down Vernon St to the bush, through the dirt track in the middle, then back up the slope of Vernon St to home. I had to stop a couple of times, but this is real progress. I haven’t done that since 2010.

The title refers to my feeling a month ago that I was in a vicious spiral down, unable to exercise, therefore losing my strength, to feeling now that I’m on a virtuous upward spiral. I’m getting my legs back again. This is a big deal. I’m still slow and needing to stop frequently, but I’m carrying my stick rather than using it. On Thursday I forgot to take it to the car and considered going back for it, but thought, no, I’ll do without it, and I did.

It’s the new heart medication that’s fixed me, I reckon. Sotacor was the old one and I’d been on it for years, since 2006, but it started to disagree with me, apparently.

However, the side effects of the new one, amiodarone, are quite apparent and a bit scary. Vision change, terrible constipation, some tiredness, and weight change are the main ones. I’m not sure what to think about the weight – I’ve stopped the beer completely, so it should fall a lot, and I am losing, but nowhere near as much as I should. Is it being kept up by the new drug? I don’t think anything else has changed.

However, it also interferes with the liver and thyroid over the long term. Its half life is 58 days. It builds slowly in all the organs and permeates all over your body, so takes a long time to wash out if you stop. If it causes hypothyroidism, then you get weight gain.

It can also cause grey discolouration of the skin, maybe reversible but probably not; can damage kidneys; cause epydidimitis (men only!); and other nasty things.

I’m finding it very hard to lose weight even though I’ve stopped the beer completely. Yet the cardiologist only wants a thyroid function test in 6 months’ time. No way, mate. I’m going to ask for one now. Surely I should have one just as a baseline as a matter of course?

I’m not too confident in this cardiologist iow. He just brushed off my list of noticed side effects as “No, those are not amiodarone.” Well, funny that they should come to light only after I’ve started it and it’s the only drug changed. However, I can see that if it takes time to build up in the body, the side effects may not be immediately noticeable. It seems like a blunt instrument to me.

Anyway, despite that, I’m generally feeling MUCH better now. I’m starting to plan what the future holds. The house sale and move is the primary first step. I’ll be bloody glad to get away from my back fence neighbours. They like to entertain on their back lawn and they like it LOUD, with bright lights shining in  my eyes and pizza oven wood smoke drifting across me. NO! I’ve told them I won’t tolerate the smoke. It’s their problem how they fix it, not mine, but fix it they must.

The guy at least came to the back fence on Friday and made an attempt to be reasonable, and I was reasonable back, but it was still annoying last night, Dockers game night, when they had a crowd shouting and barracking on their back lawn. Grrr. I have to vacate my family room, close the door to keep the noise out and retire to this bedroom. Why should I have to?

So a move away from here can’t happen soon enough. I’ve been here 26 years this month and seen five changes of neighbours on both sides, i.e. 5 changes each side!

STOP PRESS: last night my neighbours on the north side had a backyard party too. Lots of shouting, screeching, luckily no loud music. I went to bed at 11:30pm and it was still going on, and I’ve got a digital recording of it if I need it. These are the neighbours I never see. What’s going on? is the house rented? I never see them to ask.

I’m going to have to pay guys to help me move. Even the simplest jobs are getting too hard. I need to get the reticulation going again, but the sprinkler heads need to be found and cleared. No way I can get down there, without falling down, anyway. I can do the new controller bit, that’s my job. (I had a win at Bun.. Bunni… ah, FO … a 6 station controller marked on the shelf at $49.95 scanned at $22.35. I remarked on it, but the guy just said it was my lucky day. Yep.)

Baz should be back from Qld anytime now, so we can get moving, literally. Only one problem – I don’t have a unit to go to yet. Oh well, Baz’ll handle it. Cheers.


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