Oh, this is useless. I’ve managed to salvage all my work from the Draft, so here’s another try. I just tried again to put a picture in, but all I get is the Please Wait symbol. Endlessly. There is something wrong with Word Press. This is a different computer! So, here goes for another try —–


Hmmm, nearly a month with no post. Sorry about that. No particular excuse, except that I’ve tried once or twice and something always seems to go wrong with this WordPress software. I’ll finish writing, then find the Publish Post button is greyed out and won’t let me post. There seems to be a time limit. Or at other times, the Publish button is active, but after clicking it, it thinks for a while, then says Unauthorised. What? I’m logged in, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write. What does Unauthorised mean? There’s no explanation.
So here goes another try.

My leg is nearly healed. Not quite – there’s still a little bit that needs covering and Silver Chain are still coming twice a week,but we’re nearly there. But I’ve got another big abrasion on my right knee now. I was dreaming a week or more ago and in the dream I was kicking someone away, rather violently. Suddenly¬† I kicked myself out of bed onto the carpet and sustained a nasty carpet burn. Yowch. So forewarned, I’ve taken good care of this large raw area this time.

I’ve been to see the vascular surgeon and depending on the result of a deep vein ultrasound, he may want to do a venous ablation – putting a cather up from ankle level up to groin area and blocking off a vein that’s leaking.

I said, “But, but … I’m using that vein!” No, he said, you’ve got plenty and another one takes over or another one grows. This will, I hope, reduce the swelling in my left leg and reduce the susceptibility to ulcers.

He also wants me to wear pressure stockings as a daily thing. Not just the ones you buy in the shops, really tight pressure stockings, knee highs.

But when I priced them, $69.95 per pair! Wha …? Not at the moment, doc. No money. Maybe later. I was going to buy two or three pairs so I can wash them. Huh.


We had a home open yesterday and there may be an offer in the offing. It’ll be an offer conditional on another sale, but I’m not in a rush, so it may work out. I’ll sure be happy to move out of this mess of a house, though. I’m pretty tired of this temporary life.


I’ve finished the Java book and it’s ready to be printed, but the cost is $278 per copy. That’s too high for me at the moment, so it’ll have to be pdf format on CD ROM, which works quite well.

I’ve also done another book, this time on Venice, and I’ve got pre-paid vouchers for two 11″ x 11″ copies, so I’ll send that off asap. The two Venice Blu-rays are just about ready too – one is 11 mins of stills only and the other is 30 mins with HD video as well.

Then the next book is on the way – a collection of my best images over my 45 years of photography.

I’ve also made a start on my memoirs – not a tell all autobiography, just all the memories I have, and I have a hell of a lot! One of my friends said he can’t remember much of his early years. Odd. There must be a reason. I can remember everything! Well, I can remember what I can remember, which is not the same thing, but I’m doing it in outline form and boy, the sub headings just grow and grow and grow. The more I write, the more it comes back. Even smells and sounds. It’s a pity we can’t put those down on the page.


One thing I’m glad about is that my memories of boarding school are almost completely good. I seem to have been lucky – I got through life without being abused by a priest or authority figure! What a shocking indictment of the churches – training courses for child molesters. As I drive around the suburbs and see street signs pointing to Catholic Church or Anglican Church, I feel like adding my own signs underneath, “Fresh priests monthly.” “Bring your child for initiation into life’s miseries.” “We rotate our priests so you need never fear your child being bored.”

The news is saying the floodgates are opened – people are speaking up now in anticipation of the Royal Commission who would never have revealed their horrors otherwise. This is just the beginning!


Minnie is as happy and smiling as ever. The cyst in her side is huge now, but she lies on it to sleep, so I’m convinced she’s not in pain. But she’s starting to struggle to heave her back legs up recently. Uh oh.


I had dinner with some former and present Channel 7 mates last week, and one of the former (graduate) engineers told me what he was being paid when he resigned in 1985. It was poverty wages. He resigned because he couldn’t live on his salary. It was less than the secretaries were getting and a lot less than I was getting – but I was in the union and being paid award wages, which still weren’t great but it was 50% higher than his salary.

He said when he resigned, they were shocked and offered to double his salary and throw in a car. But it was too late! That was the pattern for all the 33 years I was there – they wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t read the signs, and didn’t particularly care when they were losing good staff. I’m still angry. They do not value their staff! Not in Engineering.

One of the present good techs has just resigned, only a week or two ago, and again they got a shock. He’s turned 55 and realised he wants to do more with his life, but part of his job was the helicopter avionics. You don’t find people like this at Centrelink! They’ll find it impossible to replace him – even if they find a chopper/avionics tech, he won’t have broadcast TV experience.

So once again, they don’t read the signs, don’t see it coming and don’t do enough to hold onto their staff. I spit.


It’s Happened Again!!!!

Just as for the Nearly There post below, the same thing has happened again. I tried to insert a photo, it sat there for over ten minutes spinning its wheels with no action, then when I tried to publish anyway, it crashed and lost ALL my last half hour’s work. This is IMPOSSIBLE!