What is happening???

Consider the following:

1. On ABC News last night, the security camera video of teenagers attacking a woman and her child in one of the southern suburbs of Perth by breaking through her security grille door! Extreme violence by a 17yo and a 15yo in a group – they were just the ones who were caught. Even for me, it was frightening – she must have been traumatised.

2. More than 100 complaints have been received by an authority that monitors liquor industry ads, alleging targeting of children – i.e. ads at sports grounds used by teens below the drinking age, for example. The response of the liquor industry has been very poor. They won’t stop doing it.

3. ATM skimmers are at work in Perth again. Your card and PIN may be captured and your account robbed.

4. We are being warned to keep our windows closed and locked at night as the weather warms up – if you leave them open to catch the breeze, you risk break and enters! As well, some thieves are resorting to standing outside your house and shouting for help, pretending to be your neighbour. When you open the door to investigate, they dong you and burst in. This will break down trust between neighbours!

5. The Sydney radio station 2DAY-FM phones the hospital in London where Kate Middleton is being treated and pretend to be the Queen and Prince Charles. They get the hospital to put them through to the ward nurse and think this is a huge joke. They brag about it on air.

The station, 2DAY-FM, makes an apology, but then uses the spoof in an on-air promotion! They’re not sorry at all.

6. I’m hearing about more subsidies to our car industry at this moment. A guy was interviewed on the ABC yesterday saying these industry subsidies are a sheer waste of money, because we are not competitive in making cars.

So why do we still give this money to the car companies? Well, he said, remember that the CEOs of car companies are car salesmen. They are out to take our money. They are not interested in jobs for Australians, all they want is our money. The profits go back to Japan or America, or into the pockets of the upper managers. Think about it.

This is shameful stuff, every one of these things.