Dare I Hope?

At this moment, I have a signed offer on the table in front of me. It’s a bit less than I hoped for, but not too much, and I’m inclined to accept.

Better than that, it appears that there’s a unit available right now at the other end which fits my requirements.

Sorry if this sounds cryptic, but I’ll be able to explain all very soon. I’m selling and moving, and I am tired! Tired of the stress, tired of the uncertainty, tired of disappointments, tired of living in a disshevelled mess, tired of being unable to make any plans. Bloody hell! These last two years have been hellacious. It’s supposed to get easier, but it’s been the opposite.

I hope that within a few weeks, if not sooner, I’ll be able to make progress to moving to my final residence. I’ll be able to sleep on my comfortable bed again. I’ll be able to repopulate my bookcases, bring out my DVD collections, have sensible clothing storage, make a nice outdoor area, possibly update my car (low priority), buy a new fridge, start building a model railway … Start to enjoy life again.

Still some stressful things to come, I guess, but at least I’ve got the offer. Phew! This is hard! Minnie doesn’t know yet. I’ll break it to her gently. I think she might find it hard to take too. This is her world, and I’m about to disrupt it completely.