A new start


Yes, this is it! Minus furniture at the moment.

Yes, Saturday 6 April 2013 and I’ve had my first night in my new house. I slept like a log! I was exhausted yesterday, as I seem to be every day these days. Not good.

I had to assemble my new bed before I could sleep in it, and it was more complex than I expected. Insert bolt A into hole B. I missed the instruction sheet (I found it today!) and things didn’t seem right, but it’s OK now that I’ve bought some extra 1/4″ 75mm bolts and nuts. My old bed from 1966 didn’t need assembly, except to slot the steel frame into the head board. Yes, I’ve still got it and the Boans Mattress. It’s a testament to the way they were made, I think.

Bazza was here to help last night as always, and we shared a beautiful bottle of Moet, carefully stored from last year. This was the appropriate moment at last.


I made a trip to the storage lockup in Osborne Park today and managed to take about 3 cu. m. out of the least filled unit, a car load in other words. I reckon I can get the rest tomorrow, so it reduces the time I spend paying the removalists at $169 an hour!

Minnie has settled in well. I was worried about her negotiating the quartz stone chips on the way to the back lawn, but no worries! She’s just walking on them as if it was sand. And depositing her poo parcels. Minnie! I let her out into the back lane (Stilton Lane) today, and she was naughty by wandering around the block. I had to go looking for her, and found her outside the front of my house. Some passing boys helped me get her up the steps into the front door. Even I have trouble with those steps, so I’m going to have to get a concrete ramp made, with some hand rails.


My laptop is increasingly hanging very early in the boot process. It took more than an hour of fiddling to get on air tonight, so if you don’t see blog posts, that’s why. As of Monday, I’ll have my desktop machine back, thank goodness. And comfy chairs!

Phew, too tired for more at the moment.