Aye aye, net

 4 Pymore 038 fix

This is my patio. Obviously this photo was taken in winter,
but when I saw it first thing this morning,
it was actually wet, and so was Minnie. At first
I thought it had rained overnight, but then I realised
it's Wednesday and the reticulation had been on.

I’ve just signed up for iiNet broadband internet and home phone. Yay!!!

I went to a Telstra shop and their minimum is $95 a month, admittedly for 200GB of data. Since I’ve been living with 3GB a month, I don’t need that.

With iiNet, I get 20GB a month on ADSL1 plus home phone for $59.95 a month. Yes thanks. That’s all I need. ADSL1 is “only” 12Mb/s, but since I’ve been living with less than 1Mb/s, or even down as low as 160Kb/s for years, that’ll do me. It’ll be looxury.

As well, I’m bundling my mobile phone for $20 per month extra, which is a fixed fee. At the moment with Vodafone I’m buying $30 slabs which seem to run out after about 2-3 weeks. I’m forever paying, sometimes up to $60-90 per month! I’m sick of them.

So I look forward to notifying you of a new home phone number soon. My mobile number will stay the same. It takes about 5-10 working days, apparently.


I wanted a new fridge, but my old one is in place and I thought, nah, it’ll do a few more years. Fridges are expensive! I bought a Panasonic fridge for the Bali villa and it cost about $750 there. Similar Panasonic fridges here cost double that and upwards! We are being ripped off, I reckon.

However, my 20 year old Westinghouse has not stopped running in two days and won’t regulate the temperature. All my food in the main compartment is freezing, even on the minimum setting.

I’m sure I could get it fixed, but no, it’s time for a new one, so I’ve decided on a Panasonic after much internet research. RRP is $1799, but it’s available from one of the local chains for $1399. My Westinghouse is 390 litres and the new one will be 552 litres. More beer!

It’ll be white, too. I’m not a fan of stainless steel. I like white. The only disappointment is that I wanted it to be left hinged, but that’s not available. F&P and one or two others have left hinged door models, and Samsung even allows you to reverse the door yourself. Clever.


Still making slow and steady progress unpacking. The problem is, I need cabinets to put my stuff in or on. One thing that’s surprised me is that although there’s a laundry cupboard, there’s no broom and mop closet. I suppose I can hang them in the garage, once I clear the space.


I have not been able to watch TV (apart from at Alan’s place) for nearly two months now. Do I miss it terribly? Not really. But I’m almost at the point where I can set my TV up again and it will have a familiar feeling of comfort about it.

My TV is a 32″ Sony LCD. I never wanted anything bigger in my old place, but this is going to look very small in this house. I may need binoculars. They’d go with the pith helmet, ration pack and walking stick when I walk from one end of the house to the other. This is a big house compared to my old one.

Note to self: don’t buy another TV; don’t buy another TV; don’t buy another TV! You don’t need it.


PS: I meant to say – I have not yet been to the pub on the corner. How’s that for self restraint? Five days and I haven’t walked the 100m. Of course, it might have something to do with my tired, aching feet.