Of mice and men


Kingsbridge. Read any Ken Follett?

First, about drone copters from yesterday – a friend of mine owns one quite like the one in the photo. His cost him in the thousands of dollars, being designed for serious lifting of video cameras, but he uses it for commercial video work (as well as fun).

He said today that he thinks this is a very bad idea, because these large drone copters are heavy. If one falls out of the sky it could kill someone. To illustrate, his crashed last week on landing and it flipped over, breaking all the rotors, a couple of the arms and generally causing mayhem. If there’d been anyone underneath it, KAPOW.

So how Amazon hopes to guard against this and get FAA permission to fly them in residential areas seems a bit er, pie in the sky. A very heavy pie.


Now to the title. For months I’ve woken in the night (not sleeping too well these days) to hear rustling, scratching sounds and occasional shimmies of the venetian blind in my bedroom. Of course, by the time I take my CPAP mask off, put my glasses on and grab the torch, it’s gone. Not a chance of seeing anything. Lucky it doesn’t worry me. I don’t believe in giant man eating mice 🙂

I’ve known for a few weeks that there’s a small mouse in the house because I see him/her speeding across the floor from time to time. I don’t mind.

Last evening I was sitting at the computer and saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. There he was, running across the carpet and he actually bumped into my foot.

So I think I’m right, it is a mouse rattling my venetians. I have my bedroom door closed at night, so he must go in there earlier. Maybe under the bed. Too bad.

However, I’m not so happy about someone knocking on my front door at night. Twice last week, once at about 3am and the next right on midnight. It’s very clear – a serious knock, knock, knock on wood.

I hear it but I don’t respond. If it’s genuine, they’ll knock again and then I’ll investigate, but what kind of mind does this stupid act? There’s no second knock. Grrrr.


More locals, using my new 1200mm lens camera yesterday.




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