Bladdered fools

Beach 3I’ve just done the beach stairs for the first time in over three months. Sense of achievement. I was slow, but I got to the bottom and up again. It took a few stops, but it wasn’t that difficult. If I can keep this up, I might get my travel legs back. I can go away now without worrying about Minnie.

Beach 1The widest angle of my Panasonic FZ70 zoom, 20mm. Note the far distant headland at top.

Beach 2This is that far headland! The same view but at the longest, 1200mm. Hard to hold steady in the wind, and it’s not that sharp, but …


I was walking back from the shops across the car park behind the pub at about 5.20pm yesterday, and saw two young women followed by two blokes coming out of the pub. One of the women got into the driver’s seat of the car.

The other young woman was staggering toward the car and said, “I think I’m going to be sick” a couple of times. I got out of her way. She looked sick. Very unattractive, actually in that state.

Then she said, shouted, “Get the f..k out. I’m driving. F..k, I wanna drive!” She repeated this a couple of times and tried to pull the other woman out of the driver’s seat.

I walked on but I was looking back in amazement. Luckily one of the guys got in to drive, but I don’t know what state he was in either.

The message doesn’t get through, does it.


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