First, ain’t that nice?  This is a page of thumbnails of some of the pages in my latest book.  I just like looking at it. I’m gettin’ the hang of this. And the bug.


I do a lot of web looking and I’m always bemused by the silly, stupid, idiotic, mystifying things I find.  Such as:


Gee, the York Motel (150Km east of Perth) has moved to Mounts Bay Rd in the city.

Image“Here is another product that might interest you.”  Huh?  That’s it. There is no  more.


This is classed as mystifying.  It’s the BOM radar.  Someone’s playing a joke I think.


Really, really informative.  No matter how many times you click the three buttons, it won’t go away.

I’ve also been looking at hotels and motels in Perth.  A Bed and Breakfast in one of the northern suburbs says “Rates are for room only. Continental Breakfast is $10 extra.”  It’s a bed and breakfast,  ffs.  Instant turn-off for me.

And a motel right on the coast advertises their rooms at $179 per night, or $199 if you want an ocean view.  Gee thanks.  I know this motel – $200 a night??!!  For what?  It’s an old 60s style, no facilities.  Not me.

Why have I been looking?  I have to be at the Mount Hospital on 2 April at 6.30am, and another hospital (edit: on another day!) at a similar time. And not drive immediately afterwards.  I’m thinking of making a night of it in a nice hotel.


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