It’s too late


© PJ Croft 2014

“Prime ministers Tony Abbott and Stephen Harper say they do not want to harm economy in the fight against climate change.”

Not all Conservatives are stupid, but it’s a pretty good bet. 

  • First, what’s to say efforts to combat greenhouse gas emissions will harm the economy? The so-called “Carbon Tax” brought in very little tax revenue precisely because it was working!  Big emitters took steps to cut their emissions so that they wouldn’t have to pay the tax.
  • Second, what about all the job creation possibilities raised by the development and manufacture of new technologies in the fight against climate change?  This is something this country is very good at.  Except that this government is anti-science, doing a good job of crippling the CSIRO and the CRCs, the very organisations we need to develop new technologies. 
  • Third, he wants to put off any efforts to tackle climate change until some time in the future, as if delay won’t matter. 
  • Fourth, always ask yourself who stands to benefit.  Answer: the rich.  The Conservatives’ mates.

We have a STUPID prime minister leading an evil and stupid government.  Too bad about your kids and grandkids.


A couple of humorous pics:


Abu Dhabi airport. © PJ Croft 2014

What’s 8 minutes between friends?  But which one is right?  And which one does the airport operate on?

(A frame grab from my video of my stopover in Abu Dhabi in 2008.)


© PJ Croft 2014

On the Venice to Milan train. Busto Arsizio?  Toilet this way, sir.

(Another frame grab from my 2008 trip.)


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