Dolphin4 MMia87

Monkey Mia dolphin 1987 © PJ Croft 2014 You can’t get this close any more – they won’t let us near the dolphins now.

I’m left gaping.  I’ve written before about how I seem to notice many more coincidences these days.  Yesterday at the doctor’s surgery, I heard the word “mylo” for the first time.

This morning, the lead article on a photography web site I check every day has the following:  “… I went to visit Mylo Development LLC, a Seattle-base software start-up.”

Bloody hell.  Totally unrelated.  Less than 24 hours.  It’s uncanny.


 I’ve just done my grocery shopping at Woolies and once again, the till docket was wrong.  I make it a habit, out of necessity, to sit down and scan the docket after I leave the Woolies store and before I leave the shopping centre.  I find so many scanning errors from Woolies that I’ve become very wary of them.  Virtually all the errors are in their favour.

Today it was two marked down items. One scanned at the markdown price, the other at the full price.  It was only $2.90 but I get annoyed.

Yesterday it was Target Whitfords.  I bought three document boxes marked down from $12 to $10 but further reduced to $5, plainly marked as such.  I was charged $10 each.  Grrr.  It’s so annoying that I have to go back!


What a winter here in Perth …  24C, warm and sunny, almost no wind.  It’s nice, but we need rain.


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