I phoned the gastric surgeon’s office today and asked about a refund of the $1500 fee I’d paid.  It turns out I’ll get it back less 10%, so $1350.  That’s a relief.  That’ll almost pay for that camera I want. Heh heh.

I know, I know, not another camera.  Well, it’s my main interest and this is a new model being reviewed as almost the perfect camera.  It not only shoots very high quality stills, it also shoots the best video this side of a $30,000 pro video camera.

It exceeds broadcast quality (i.e. the data rate is high enough that no quality will be lost in editing and broadcasting, mainly). 

In video rig. Model costs extra.

It’s a Micro 4/3 camera, which means the four lenses I already own for my Olympus cameras will fit.

Unfortunately, stocks are very hard to come by and it looks like I’ll have to wait at least a week.


The landscapers came and finished the job, so it’s all over.  I’ve got a very neat job.  But I didn’t get what I wanted!

I realised that I got what the landscaper wanted me to have, that is, what was most convenient for him.  Pavers?  I ended up with the ones he first showed me, not the ones I wanted.  Lawn? I got Sir Walter when I never even mentioned it.  Limestone blocks?  I showed him a picture of a wall of two rows of 200mm high blocks, but I’ve ended up with a single row of 400mm ones, big thick heavy ones.

Ah well, it’s a vast improvement on what was there before and with nice rich soil, fully “sprinklerised”, I should be able to make a lush palm and fern filled garden.  I’ve already planted a West Indian Lime and I reckon I’ll put a lemon and orange tree in as well.  Plus maybe a peach and apricot.  Plus flowering plums along the back fence.


I continue to be plagued by that engine hum I mentioned.  It’s a constant 24/7 sound like a generator running.  But I did notice when I was in the city hotel last week, I could hear it there as well.  Huh?  I don’t know whether this is just some ear bug I’ve got or if it’s real.  The only way to find out will be to put a microphone outside with a high quality recorder.  I’ll think about it.


I’m a bit browned off with radio and TV reception in this area. AM radio is virtually unusable – the ABC signal is far too noisy.  Considering I’m still in the metro area, this is a bit weird.  TV reception is OK most of the time, but it’s obviously marginal.  On a wet night, I can just about forget ABC-TV.  My stereo amp has an AM and FM tuner, but connecting it to the TV socket on the wall produces zero for FM.  AM doesn’t need the socket, but it’s quite noisy.

OK, the AM stations are replicated on digital, DAB+, and during the summer that worked fine.  But now that the weather’s changed, with lots more water in the air, it’s gone to shit.  I’m battling to find a good signal and it fades all the time.  I’ve finally found a place in the room where it seems to hold up, but it’s not the location where I want the receiver to be.

FM works OK most of the time, but the ABC programs are not on FM except for ABC Classics.  I want 720 and RN.

The answer is an external antenna, but getting the cable into the house will be tricky.  It’s not like an old wooden house where I could just drill a hole in a window frame or something.  I do have a plan, but it’s messy.

Even in the car, AM reception is very noisy and full of whistles.  FM is mostly OK, though.  This is what I get for living up in the sticks.


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