A few weeks ago I posted a couple of pics of Fremantle (Freo) which are a little bit historic:

Freo Streets Apr76-5This was April 1976.

Freo 6-89-10 EKT1000aThis was June 1989.

And I’ve just rediscovered this one:

Freo 1All © PJ Croft 2014

This was July 2012.  Yeah, I know, doesn’t change much does it? That’s the point, Fremantle is holding the line in not demolishing buildings just because they’re old.

I can remember what St George’s Terrace in Perth was like when it had all those magnificent old sandstone buildings. Now they’re mostly gone, replaced by glass/concrete/stainless steel boring boxes of no interest whatever.

It happened despite all thr warnings about creating a wind tunnel. What have we got? A wind tunnel. A major street in Perth which is hardly worth visiting. There’s nothing to see. The only good thing about modern architecture is that no-one will miss it or even notice that it’s gone when it comes time for demolition. It’s worthless.


I’ve often heard Muslim extremists say they are avenging the humiliation of Islam by the West.

Muslim extremists are endlessly firing rockets into Israel. Israel reacts by putting bombs into the rocket launching sites.

Could it be that if the extremists stopped firing their rockets, the Israeli bombing would stop?

Is that so hard to understand? Stop firing rockets and the bombs will stop. It seems simple enough to this Westerner. It seems to me that extremist Muslims deserve the title of World’s Most Stupid People. Humiliation? You said it.


Colin Barnett says we are getting upset, getting “grumpy” over trivial things like the loss of pensioner concessions on state charges. He doesn’t like us saying we’re grumpy.

Well, Col, I’m grumpy. Today you’ve announced the expenditure of a massive amount of public money on a new stadium which I will never use, not being a sporting person.

Yes, premier, I’m bloody grumpy.


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