Nearly there – update

Vivid MidnightIt’s now Wednesday and I did finally get the master disc to DiskBank on Monday, thanks to a good mate. But the stress I went through!! I only managed to get the master done at 10am Monday. Sitting in the waiting room at 7.30am at Silver Chain in Wanneroo, I still didn’t have the master ready and was almost in a panic. All because of this request to remove some group photos. Shit.

And now, of course, there’s rewriting of the story going on. It seems I was the one who wanted to stop production. No way! I would never have done that, Vietnam error or not, unless I was pressured to make that phone call. It wasn’t my idea.

There was a benefit, though. Because of the delay, I was able to incorporate two more biographies. But why can’t people understand deadlines??!! I had seven people submit on the very last day, at the very last moment and beyond. Bloody hell!

I’m still busy printing name badges and certificates, cutting the badges up, printing signage, paying the bills, answering late change queries. All the while worrying that I’m not keeping my legs above my heart.

Nearly done.


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