The Slow Boat is Nearing China – part 12

Tuesday 4 November 2014

I awoke late after a rotten night last night. Certain noises made sleep impossible. I had to take a sedative and try to read, finally dropping off around 0330.

Very much cooler weather, although the big swell of yesterday is gone. There were some strong bangs and vibrations through the ship as we hit a big wave occasionally, but nothing to worry us.

Very slow day. Not feeling great – I stopped taking a nerve pain drug as it was making me very weary, but the result is a return of anxiety and pain in my feet and legs. It’s bad enough that I’ve gone back onto half the dose. I can’t win – if I don’t use it, I feel bad, but if I do use it I feel very weary and bad anyway. Can’t win.

At 1630 we’re at 29deg N latitude moving at 21Km/h, not very fast. Perth is 32deg. South latitude so we’re moving up to a comparable level for Shanghai.

I’ve booked a tour tomorrow involving a Mag-Lev train, a high speed express at around 300Km/h. Should be good. Then up an 88 storey building for the views, then a drive through the financial district. It’s only four hours, costing US$69. These tours are very expensive and are really adding to the final bill, but I feel I’ll never be back here so I have to do them. There’s no choice.

Wow!! At about 6.20pm we were buzzed by two military jets. I just heard the first as a loud rumble and roar and I thought it was a nearby ship, but when I went out to the balcony a second jet came straight over the top of us. I can’t estimate its height but I’d say 1000ft? The noise, the roar was incredible. It only took a few seconds for the jet to roar off to the east and disappear.

I don’t know why but that was an exciting experience.


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