Bali – Tuesday 25 November – day 32


Besakih Beach Resort. The water is too warm.

Pretty bad night last night. The pain was up to 9/10 around midnight. I was groaning so much I went and sat outside for 90 mins or so. I took as much Tramadol as I dared and it does work, but it just dulls the pain.

This morning it’s much better. It’s still aching just to remind me but it’s OK. But I’m feeling so woozy! My eyes are not following my head. I  assume this is the hangover from the Tramadol. I just want to go back to bed but they’re cleaning the room and painting part of the ceiling. Not now, please.

A guy is also in the bathroom fixing the safety rail. I hardly put any pressure on it but it just pulled away from the wall. So much for safety.

9pm —  another night in Paradise. If you have to be laid up on the bed, this is not a bad place to be. Still no pain, but lots of blood. Cross fingers.


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